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Red Robin ?


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Back in 1980 (ish,+/- 1yr) I played my 1st RQ game in Glorantha.

The GM had us in a Cult I have never heard of since... "Red Robin" a very thieves-guild-y sort of group.  Our PC's never advanced far enough for us to learn if it was a local Hero Cult, or some sub-cult of a larger cult I'd recognize today, or a fake-name hiding Krarsht, or what ...

Anyone else know if this is (or ever was) canonical, or even fan--published?  And if so the source? Or just his invention...


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This cult has never crossed my path, which makes me inclined to say it was non-canonical, likely his invention, or at best fan-micro-published. I don't have good access to the APA zine material of that time, though.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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4 hours ago, Wrestlepig said:

Red Robin sounds like it's doing a robin hood thing. The closest thing I can think of is Lanbril the thief god who pops up a lot in Pavis stuff.

Our PC's were too junior in the Cult for me to know whether there was anything 'hoodish going on; most of our spoils went to the "guildmaster" and we never saw it (or him(?)) again.  We were definitely Chaos-foes, though! 

The GM was a clever lad, and not above shenanigans like putting "Robin" in the name so we'd feel all warm&fuzzy about being good guys... until our bosses decided to reveal we were REALLY in training to join the Black Fang, or other messed-up stuff (to be clear:  that never happened, it stayed warm&fuzzy).

The campaign was decidedly urban-centric, but I'm pretty certain it was Dragon Pass (not Pavis or Prax)...  The few times we ventured out of town it was mostly hills & forests & such, and I'm pretty sure we had one adventure to the Dwarf Mine on the River (not that I knew such things at the time).



TYVM to everyone loaning a neuron or a memory to my query!


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