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The Last Unicorn, by Peter S Beagle, has a lot to recommend it to fans of Glorantha. The central plot, of a unicorn traveling to rescue all the other unicorns who have been trapped in the sea by the Red Bull of King Haggard, is almost the definition of a hero quest. The animated film is actually pretty good as well, if you can get past the horrible songs. It has a wonderful running theme about the nature of immortality. And it's filled with great one-liners that have a rather Gloranthan feel

--Never run from anything immortal. It attracts their attention.

--There is no immortality like a tree's love. 

--She will remember you when men are myths and books are written by rabbits.


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18 hours ago, Bill the barbarian said:
19 hours ago, svensson said:

the idea that reenactors would survive better than other people after some kind of apocalypse is ridiculous on its face if you know anything at all about us. We'd all be just as buggered up anyone else after the Tylenol and coffee ran out

I would hate to have people's opinion of The People of the Air coloured by this description. It has little to do with the book except how reenactors would be buggered after the sh#t went down.

As  said, I have no problem with you not liking The Folk of the Air. Chacun á son gôut.

Just making sure that there is no confusion with the quote you made about that fine author cited above due to proximity with your other quote about not finding Beagle's work to your taste. The cited complaint you had about the other gent's work does not apply to Beagle's tale.  I did not want a good read (The Folk of the Air) that humanizes its heroes and gods to be read as being the exact opposite, painting the re-enactors as vainglorious.

Seeking clarity

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17 minutes ago, svensson said:

No worries. I misunderstood. And probably not for the first time today :)

and if you're like me, not the last. Good luck and happy reading!

remember, libraries and comfy chairs are dangerous! The Stones had to cancel a tour when Keef fell out of his comfy chair reaching for a book. :}

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trying to get back my ascii smiley
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10 hours ago, Bill the barbarian said:

Well thats not Gaiman that's Gaiman and Pratchett which is a whole 'nother kettle of fish. 

Oh hell, any and all Pratchett disk world  books that I have read and a few others I have not read that have been lost in L-Space as well as those I have read that have also been lost... as well as the handful of movies that have come out for starring our fave disk world heroes, you know death and the Post Master General and of course the .Union Organizer in charge of Golems... and a few golems...

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