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Where in Glorantha? Coastal Esrolia?


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Remnants of Cyclopean architecture of the Green or Golden Age in the Choralinthor bay.

Alternatively, something off the coast of Old Seshnela, a remnant of the Silver Empire, although not sure how clear those waters would be.

Then there's always something in the East Isles.

(Really beautiful geology, btw).

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1 hour ago, Sir_Godspeed said:

Then there's always something in the East Isles.

Another possibility might be somewhere along the Manirian coast perhaps within the New Coast, or amid the Manirian or Wenelian Isles (i.e. part of the goddess Slonta from when she rolled over).

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There are plenty submerged remains of Godtime now visited (or shunned) by merfolk - possibly drowned forests with skeletal trees supporting reefs, certainly drowned temple cities of Ernaldela. A lot less where Worcha struck against the Trembling Shore.

(Likewise, there should be places in the Rockwoods where mountain peaks are surrounded by small reefs and even sandy beaches (both of course fallen dry) where the peaks stuck out during the Flood.)

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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