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Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy

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  1. Sunday morning ✔️
  2. Coffee ✔️
  3.  New chapter of the adventure✔️

Equal a great day to start my day.

Oh funny trivia, l was one of the KS backer who got to name and island and l'Ile Noire happen to be it.

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What will they find buried in the lava on your Island? Nothing pleasant so far from the session this week, Crimson Jack asleep on the beach and being eaten by a giant lizard for starters!

Next instalment in full soon

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Part the 13th (unlucky for PCs) now uploaded in which fun is had on Isla Fecunda and a crocodile may or may not be significant.


A big thank you in advance to the authors of two BRP Monograph adventures (full details and credits to follow when it is no longer critical to keep it secret from the players) a great aid to the GM who has not had time to prepare and has his PCs get through stuff by good rolls a whole lot faster than expected thereby leaving me needing a quick fix.

Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 13.pdf

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