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Game Store Recommendation Las Vegas

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Hey folks,

I'll be visiting a friend in Vegas in mid July and I'm looking for shops that are good for old and new RPG stock. Call of Cthulhu is my main game but I am also interested in shops with strong variety and curiosities.

Any recommendations?

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Like with used bookstores, all my old favorite stores are gone now... the weedy half-lit places where you might find stuff from previous decades buried under cobwebs and dust. Most everything now is relatively clean, up-to-date, and a bit predictable... centered on card games, collectibles, Games Workshop, and D&D/Pathfinder.
Still, I do find occasional surprises.... like a copy of Dark Streets and some other C&W stuff at Little Shop of Magic https://shopofmagic.com/

I'll ask on our Vegas RPG group and see if I can get any strong recommendations.
EDIT: Based on replies I got I think your best bet is Little Shop of Magic. It's been around a while and it's fairly large.

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