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Kickstarter: Rocket Age (5e) by Ken Spencer

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Hello all! I'm Ken Spencer, you might know me from Veni, Vidi, ViciBlood Tide, World War Cthulhu, World War Cthulhu:Cold War, and a few other BRP related titles. 

My company, Why Not Games, has launched a Kickstarter to bring our award winning Rocket Age game to the 5th editor of some game invented in Geneva, Wisconsin. Rhymes with Fludgeons and Flagons, you know the one.

Rocket Age (5e) brings the 1938 the never was and Solar System that should have been to a new set of fans. We are offering 17 playable species, 5 classes, backgrounds, equipment, feats, psychic powers, ancient artifacts, vehicle rules, loads of monsters, and the entire Rocket Age setting from Mercury to Pluto.


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The Rocket Age (5e) Kickstarter campaign is in the last 48 hours! We have hit funding, rocketed past that to the Ed Greenwood adventure stretch goal, and are kicking in the second stage boosters to heads towards the next stretch goal, Rocket Ranger's Handbook by Rocket Age creator Ken Spencer. Can we go further? Tune your RADIO dial to find out!

Come join us in bringing a 1938 that never was and a Solar System that should have been to a brand new world of fans!

Rocket Rangers, Away!

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