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Odd Soot Top Rated in Fenix


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Fenix RPG Magazine just released a new issue (3/2019). Along with the gaming material - a new Mythras article by Pete Nash, for example - there’s also a solid review of Odd Soot. The reviewer is truly enthusiastic and I can’t resist sharing a few quotes (my translation):

’Odd Soot sets the tone on the first page with a confidence that feels magical. It’s been a long time since I read a roleplaying game in a single sitting. That’s what I want to do with Odd Soot.’

’You can't talk about Odd Soot without mentioning the illustrations. They are beautiful - sometimes disturbing - and so perfect for the game that it’s almost ridiculous.’

‘I'm glad Odd Soot doesn't try to create a unique system that takes forever to learn. The game is strange enough anyway - sprinkled among the rules, character creation and game world - to make Odd Soot completely unique.‘

‘In short, I like Odd Soot. It’s like an extraordinary cabinet of curiosities. It’s like visiting a Museum of Natural History to look at specimen preserved in formalin. It’s like looking at stuffed, hazy things in glass jars, causing either nightmares or a longing for more knowledge - or why not both?’

Åsa Roos, RPG writer, computer game designer and honorary doctorate in information technology at Skövde University

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1683589267_frostbyteloggaFsvarttiny2.jpg.22ebd7480630737e74be9c2c9ed8039f.jpg   FrostByte Books

M–SPACE   d100 Roleplaying in the Far Future

Odd Soot  Science Fiction Mystery in the 1920s

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