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You can use as much of the SRD as you like (as it is all Open Game Content). However, the Open Game Licence expressly prohibits indicating compatibility with any copyrighted game system, so you'd still need a compatibility licence to indicate that the supplement is to be used with the Revolution system.

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I already replied to Michael in private. However, the short form for anyone else interested in licensing, is:

  • You can do the hell you want with the OGL materials (the SRD), except using it for violating other parties' Trademarks or copyrights, or other laws in the US or EU or UK.
  • The text in the core book is not all OGC so you cannot use it as a reference until licensed, and we charge third parties for the translation (on royalties).
  • To put a Revolution or Revolution Compatible or "based on Revolution" logo on the supplement, yes, there should be a formal agreement as you would be using our trademark in an ostensible way. There are two ways you can do that:
  • the preferred way is to publish through Alephtar, as we have no partnership program ready (yet)
  • if you want to self-publish, we do not charge anything for the logo license but you need some paperworks in place, primarily to make sure no one develops porn or racist games with our logo on them. No one on these boards would ever do such things, but better safe than sorry :) 
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In view of the recent discussions both here and and on Yog-Sothoth.com,  I issued an official press release about the validity of our OGL, primarily to reassure our sublicensees, both those with a formal licensed and those who go OGL.


I think it is also a good idea to disclose these two lines from the personal message I sent to Michael Hopcroft.


What I would really object to is for you to make a derivative of Revolution D100 under the terms of the OGL and then declaring it compatible with RuneQuest (a trademark that you cannot use so freely). That would be a breach of the OGL and I would call for termination. 

Let me rephrase: Revolution D100 is our intellectual property, based in part on works by other parties which were released under the OGL, and no one can question this. We have released it under a valid OGL, and issue valid licenses for its localisation and for its use as trademark. Any statement to the contrary is to be disregarded (unless accompanied by a court ruling).

However, licensees are expressly prohibited to use Revolution D100 to create works that infringe the trademarks or copyrights of third parties. This is clear in the OGL, but let me restate it.

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