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Do Shotguns Need a Higher Success at Medium/Long Range?

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Shotguns do less damage at long range.

The average shotgun does 4d6 at close range, 2d6 at medium range, and 1d6 at long range.

On top of the lowered damage, do I also need a Hard / Extreme success at these ranges? Or is a normal success enough?

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Page 65:


Rifle/Shotgun (25%): Rifle/Shotgun (25%): with this
skill any type of rifle (whether lever-action, bolt-action or
semi-automatic) or scatter-gun can be fired. Since the load
from a shotgun expands in a spreading pattern, the user’s
chance to hit does not decrease with range, but the damage
dealt does. When an assault rifle fires a single shot (or multiple
singles) use this skill.


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