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Settings up explosives - Demolition or Electrical Repair?

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When setting up explosives (such as C-4, Pipe Bomb, Anti-Personnel Mine, etc) do I roll for Demolition or Electrical Repair?

The weapon table says its Demolition, while the description of the Electrical Repair skill says it can be used instead.

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Personally I'd say Demolition, with Electrical Repair being an alternative only if the explosive has an electrical trigger. 

I've always considered demolition skills in RPGs to be about knowing precisely where to place a charge, as well as how to set it off without being caught in the explosion. If the person setting up the explosive has no demolition skill then, depending on the circumstances, I might make the damage caused less than would be the case with someone who understands what they are doing. 

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Demolition. Electrical repair won't tell you where to set the explosives or how much explosive to use, or whether you have fast fuse or slow fuse, how many detonators you need.

I mean an electrical repair person should be able to figure out how to connect the wires, but they could blow themselves up by not observing one of the protocols, and they certainly won't know how to place the explosives to achieve the desired outcome.

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