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Sacred Time Heroquest for an Esrolian House


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Hi Tribe,

Any suggestions for a sacred time heroquest suitable for an Esrolian House? Something designed to strengthen the House would be the best, where protectors and husbands, such as Babeester Gor and Orlanth, either defend Ernalda/Esrola or quest for one of the goddesses. It could be linked to an item the House already has. I’m getting my thinking cap of Lhankor Mhy on too!

Cheers, Jim

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Not sure how long of a quest you are looking for, but might include the following stages:

  • "Green Age" - receive the blessings of Ernalda - the ancestral figure receives the item sacred to the house (Fertility/Earth/Harmony related: a baby basket, a sheaf of wheat, a sacred snake, a loom of harmony, a peace blanket, etc.)
  • "End of Innocence" - someone (likely a rival of the ancestral figure) causes discord: jealousy, envy, hunger, greed, bad deal, etc.
  • "Golden Age" - the husband-protector is found and restores order: everything is organized and protected; the sacred item is put away or put on display
  • "The Three (or Four) Bad Men" - death, violence, storm, etc. - the Husband-Protector dies; the sacred item is lost, broken, or destroyed
  • "The Enforcers and the Charter of Law" - Ernalda/ancestress sends out enforcers to track down the thieves and oathbreakers; meanwhile, they must find and interpret the laws
  • "The Great Darkness" - chaos and demons come; the laws are challenged; the goddesses sleep; only mortals are left and they must make choices for self or community
  • "Sacred Item Found" - the community must weather the darkness; if so, someone finds or replaces or repairs the sacred item; Darkness driven back; the goddesses awakened
  • "Celebration" - the New Year comes and the community/house celebrates their success
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The various houses have somewhat different survival stories in the Greater Darkness - some hid in the Blackmaw, some went with Kimantor and Norinel into the Obsidian Palace, others used tricks or went to sleep in the necropolis.

The betrayal of King Rastagar in the Sword and Helm saga aka the Steadfastness of Irillo is another quest that can be done in connection with some Imarja sacrifice, self-resurrection and hidden help saga.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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