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Distilled BRP 40K


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For Emperor of Mankind.

I was reading som 40K fluff. Here is some stuff for playing Acolytes and Imperial guards/PDF.>:->


Autopistol=Pistol,Heavy Ammo 20 STR/DEX 7/5 Enc 1,0


Shotgun=Shotgun,Automatic Ammo 8

Laspistol=Pistol,Laser Ammo 30

Lasgun=Rifle,Laser Ammo 60

Boltpistol=Pistol,Plasma Ammo 15 STR/DEX 11/7 Attk 2 or Burst

Boltgun=Rifle,Plasma Ammo20 STR/DEX 12/7 Attk 2 or Burst

Flamer= Flamethrower


Flack=Adaptive Mesh Only chest

Carapace= Assault armor

Force Field= Energy Armor

Equipment chart for troppers.

Always Knife Flack Helmet 15% chance for Carapace

Plus one of the following:

Autogun 01-20

Lasgun 21-90

Shotgun 91-99

Flamer 00

For Acolytes and Imperial Guard/PDF sergants and veterans 50% chance for boltpistol. Elite soldiers and specialists can choose any equipment they want.

Equipment chart for commissars and officers.

Always Knife Carapace 50% chance for Force Field

01-50 Laspistol

51-00 Boltpistol

Remember for Emperor of Mankind and the human race be vigilant.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

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