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Ragnarok Black Character Sheet

About This File

Custom character sheet for my own hard-SF setting, Ragnarok Black. The game itself is basically a survival horror in a fairly hard SF setting (FTL is the only real 'miracle tech').

I put it together in Word and I've tried to make it as functional as possible:

- Landscape format to allow you to see all your skills easily.

- Grey boxes around all the 'crunchy' stat boxes to help them stand out.

- Fields included for Crititical, Special and Fumble numbers, just to keep the game flowing.

- Several 'Tracker' fields running along the edges. These allow you to slide paperclips onto the sheet to make book-keeping for ammo, HP and PP less of a chore. They mirrored on the back of the sheet to make it even easier.

There are a few setting specific details such as the Fear Threshold stat, the section for implants on the reverse (modified powers system) and the 'Interface Tool' sections on the equipment. I've uploaded the Word version though so feel free to modifiy it if you want. The only other changes are that I've dropped the Status skill and added Zero-G and I've bumped the base level of the Technical skill to 15%.

EDIT: The paper size is set to A4 so you may need to fiddle with it a bit to get it print properly if that's not your usual size.

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