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World of Rel'Pek V. 4.5

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About This File

I like a real “kitchen-sink” style fantasy campaign; one in which I can seamlessly drop in my favorite demon lord from the classic Monster Manual to perhaps offer assistance against some Lovecraft inspired lake creatures who have kidnapped friends of the PCs for a horrible transformation. Originally designed with the Sorcery of Magic World in mind, I recently re-vamped the rules to incorporate the concepts of Enlightened Magic. Still included are classes from Classic Fantasy, muskets, trains, and flying ships.


So here it is, re-imagined and edited, your favorite campiagn of post-apocalyptic pseudo-renaissance steam-punkish flare and an ancient dragon empire over the map of Pangea . . . Grab your enchanted shortsword and telekinetic flintlock-style pistol and let’s jump aboard the next train to Iredella – let's go vampire hunting!


Included are a map of the area, a Campaign Guide with tons of original Fluff, and a Character Guide for the crunch (includes some house rules that show how I've handled certain aspects of the BRP system).


Use this material as you will, and if you decide to borrow from my ideas, please allow me the courtesy of due credit, as I have done for Lynn Willis' team at Chaosium and Rodney Leary. This idea was originally cooked up as a BRP Monograph submission, but life beckons me to other projects. I am not an editor, or a professional writer (I have The City of Charter that appeared in The Rifter, #61 to my credit), so expect typos and other shenanigans.


You won't find rules for train hijacking or high-altitude ship to ship combat - if that is desired, let me know and I'll see what I can recommend or come up with. In the meantime, I plan to develop the city central to my campaign in this setting (Indracore) for a similar gratis publication, so keep an eye out for that one, too.


Your feedback, questions, and comments are of course sought and warmly welcomed.


Thank you for checking this out! - John P. Meyers.

What's New in Version V. 4.5   See changelog


  • V. 4.6; made the Defiler Dragon dangerous to drain MP from . . .
  • V 4.4; Changed Glyph Magic to a single skill casting power.
  • 4.3 Improved the way defiling works
  • V 4.2 Added some Edges, and change the way Two Weapon Attack works.
  • V. 4.1 - repaired random spacing mutations and removed an obsolete reference to Spell Lore. Added the skill Knowledge (Psionics).
  • V. 4.0 - Consolidated all the rules and modeled organization roughly on Magic World
  • V. 3.6 - minor adjustment to working Enlightened Magic.
  • V 3.5; lowered the requirements for learning uncommon and rare spells, clarified Enlightened Magic spell casting.
  • V 3.4; MUCH better integration of magic systems, and added languages of the realms.
  • V 3.3 redesigned Dak Elf powers to be closer to their traditional cousins, and better integrated the magical traditions.
  • V 3.2 Better integration of firearms skills with cultural skills, added rules for enchanting large magic items.
  • V 3.1 Better integration of two brands of Sorcerer, Fixed various rules, wordings, and formatting.
  • V 3.0 Marginalized Magic World Sorcery in favor of concepts from Enlightened Magic, re-vamped how Wzardr, Illusionist, Bard, Druid, and Cleric spells work.
  • V 2.2 updated the house rules, changed Bonded to The Forged, re-arranged and edited Campaign Guide for cohesion.
  • V 2.1 - adjusted the boons and expanded the house rules section, fixed some formatting issues.
  • V 2.0 - updated the over-all formatting and incorporated Renaissance (Clockwork & Chivalry) blackpowder weapons. Incorporated Alternative Advancement system into Character Guide and Rel'Pek Pantheons into Campaign Guide
  • V 1.6 updated The Bonded, and the way that allegiances work.
  • V1.55; added mechanics for using rituals to craft certain items.
  • V 1.5; slightly revamped the Ancient History and uploaded a listing of the various major dieties of the Lakereaches, with includes overviews of the the ancient cultures that influenced the races of the region prior to the rise of the dragons.
  • Also, added better fluff the allegiances.
  • V 1.4; I worked some tweaks to bring character generation into the 21st century
  • -Increased the starting CP, but the first class purchased costs 10 CP, with second and third classes costing 6 CP each. Lifted the ban on certain racial class combinations. Professions cost only 4 CP each (to a max of three).
  • I turned the Curse of the Dark God into a gamble
  • V 1.3; Changed Dragon-blooded Energy Projection to be breathing energy or gas, and to reflect traditional fantasy dragon breath-types.
  • 'Added a pdf map with a grid.
  • Added a limitation to the number of rituals spellcasters may learn.
  • Made Blunderbuss it's own skill.
  • V1.2: I never really did like how the blunderbuss worked . . . I changed the rules to reign in their field of fire, and made an adjustment to how they are loaded, and the number of times TK blunderbuss will fire before needing reloading.
  • Character Creation Guide: fixed skills for Rituzar background, typos in Scribe Magic, and eliminated the redundancy of Drive and Pilot in background skills.

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