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Deep Magic Rebuilt V3.9

About This File

Ben Monroe's team did a great job with his supplement to Magic World. However, one of the player's in my game and I found Deep Magic, while a cool system, to be vague in key places and unwieldy in others. So, we re-wrote it to make it a little more in line with other spell casters in our game (a home brew that mixes Classic Fantasy, Magic World and trains and flintlocks).

I've made quite a few changes from Version 2; adding Planes of Magic, like the planes of existence to the Spheres of Influence. A Magi navigates them mentally (or through talent) to create miraculous effects. This new version allows access to other energy types, and with a little imagination will expand a Magi's repertoire of combat effects. Note that I've kept V2 up for those who prefer a system that more closely mirrors the effects of the original Deep Magic.

Note that a copy of Advanced Sorcery is required to use this re-vamp, and some of it is just copy-paste (to put all the info in one place).

I'd be happy to hear what you think of the changes.

What's New in Version V3.9   See changelog


  • 3.9 - fixed the Undo Magic sample spell, added a short range scry.
  • 3.8 Changed the sample spells, added a Rune and Glyph Guide to help calculate spell MP costs.
  • 3.7 Added Range parameters to MP Cost.
  • 3.6 added an explanation of using Rule of Four with 'other' effects.
  • 3.55 lowered the casting cost of longer duration spells.
  • 3.5 changed the mechanic for interrupting a Magi casting a multi-round spell.
  • 3.4; corrected several entries in the sample spells.
  • 3.3; added a rule to cover multi-glyph spells. Added an explanatory sentence to both Positive and Negative Energy Spheres.
  • 3.2; Made it easier to cast spells outside of the specialization (but with a cost)
  • Fixed the progression rate of learning new runes with increased INT.

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