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Aerial Adventure Guide Conversions 1.0

About This File

So, one of my Player's Characters has a personal quest that will take them off the map. Then another player wanted to make a winged elf character (as well as try out the revised Deep Magic rules). I decided to enchant their patron's riverboat to fly, which inspired me to dig up the old Aerial Adventures Guide by Mike Mearles. I'm using the Winged Elves as the natives of Sellaine, wrote up their history as it relates to the rest of Rel'Pek. Knowing how the players love ship to ship combats, I made a rough, first draft conversion of the sky ships to the BRP Basic Gamemaster stats.

That's all this is: the Winged Elves (for my Rel'pek campaign, which can be found elsewhere on this 'site), and some charts and ideas for the ships found in the Aerial Adventure's guide ... the later version.

Thank you,

John P Meyers

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