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  1. That makes more sense taking each line by itself. 

    I also know depending on which style of dual combat you are using grants you different abilities. 

    I still feel it has some serious skill tax though - not sure if that was intended. 


    So, disregarding that skill a person with two weapons can parry at -20% in the same round but cannot make a second attack without using the all out attack but the penalty would be included.

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  2. From my understanding of the rules you can attempt a second off hand action with a -20% penalty. The book specifically lists Parry but does not mention anything about second attack if you have a weapon in your off hand. 

    Is this not allowed? 

    That brings me to a other point, I understand the idea behind the Dual Weapon skill but the requirements seem like a skill tax as it requires three skills to be effective at it. 

    Has anyone done any house rules with it? 

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  3. After reading all of the replies I was inspired to dig out my BRP stuff. 

    I do have the BRP gold book (hardback), quickstart, Rubble and Ruin, Enlightened Magic, and Blood Tides. 

    I have checked Chaoisum's website and they do not have a lot of BRP stuff anymore which is sad. I really need to get my hands on Astonsishing Tales. 

    What is the difference between the BRP hardback book and softback book besides the covers?

  4. I know that when either CoC or BRP was originally released it was like a 20 page booklet. 

    I have contacted Chaosium directly and they dont have any physical copies and claimed there is no digital file of it as well.

    Does anyone have a copy?

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