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1603: Entering Furthest

The main characters for 1603 are: Aralla Brightspear, the Proud Huntress, Apostate Sun-Domer, Initiate of Mal (Daughter of Yelmalio and Sedenya) Rana Allmother, Busybody and Terrible Cook, Charmer of Men and Vingans Helma Quick-Handed, Herbalist, Healer, Doesn't Get Jokes ----- 1603: Entering Furthest A Death in the Camp The Maboder begin 1603 in temporary camps outside the walls of Furthest, as parties within the city negotiate over where to settle the Tr

1602: The Journey to Furthest

Exiles of Sartar I'd like to share reports from an ongoing campaign of Questworlds. In this campaign, the players are playing as members of the Tenth: a portion of the Maboder Tribe who were deported to Furthest in 1602 to secure peace with the Lunars. Over the campaign, we will explore how the Tenth adapt to their foreign home, as well as their experience returning to Sartar in 1625. The main characters for the first year are: Aralla Brightspear, the Proud Huntress, Apostat
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