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About this blog

This blog discusses and explains decisions made in the process of creating the BRP/Questworlds/Pendragon mashup game system, or glorified house rules that I call Rivers of Sartar.

All images are from wikimedia, diagrams are by the author.


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Cults of Runequest: Clans

The previous blog entry described Rune Cults in abstract rules terms. This by itself is enough for running an adventure-focused game, where rune cults serve a game function much like that of D&D character classes.  However, many people prefer a community-focused game, in the style of the Red Cow campaign or Six Seasons in Sartar. This requires a somewhat deeper understanding of how the rules portray the setting, in particular what a clan is. In the RQ:G rules, the term clan is used


radmonger in Runequest

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