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  1. The real answer lies in Admiralty Law, in particular the judgement of case of Lord Coleridge on the case of Salt Union v. Wood: Dormal's ship did go to sea, and did not suffer disaster. Therefor she was a sea-going ship, and so not subject to the Closing. All that is necessary to repeat the trick is a simple ritual to establish the identification between your vessel and Dormal's Ship. Of course, failure to successfully establish that connection will leave you at sea in a vessel that is not, in fact, a sea-going ship. The Closing will apply, and disaster will strike.
  2. Fonritans aren't Orlanthi, but then neither are Lunars. Any clans or tribes directly threatened by Fonritians, or who just want to raid them, are absolutely going to make the claim that Ompalam is chaotic. Then invoke 'I fought We Won' as a reason to ally with them and help. Any groups that want friendly relations with Fonritians, or to do anything other than send all their fighters hundreds of miles away to help some local chieftain get rich will be arguing the opposite.
  3. Donander is a widespread god of entertainer's and wandering minstrels. Non-canon writeup: http://www.kerofin.demon.co.uk/cults/donandar.htm Harana Ilor is his parent, and the Celestial Court Goddess of harmony and musicianship. As such is not normally worshipped; she is too big and abstract to tie down to any simple social role or occupation. So it seems perfect for a unusual PC who is cursed or God-touched, with unique magic that noone expects or can duplicate.
  4. None of the scientists I know have ever suffered from a spirit of retribution. To quote wikipedia: In Glorantha, the word 'supernatural' of course needs to be read narrowly as excluding natural magic.
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