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Red Sky at Night #1



So my first RQ player was a Lunar. Leto was a salt of the Sartar farmer (I think...) who had been initiated at an early age. It was college and our GM was fantastic. It left a mark on how I perceive Glorantha, especially the Lunar pov. 

I am not the world's greatest scholar on Glorantha or even the Lunar way, but this campaign will give me the reason and opportunity to learn as much as I can and maybe teach new players as well. And I definitely want to stream it because I think folks like seeing something different.

A few initial thoughts

  • Will use RQG
  • Take place in the (little c) chaos of the aftermath of the Temple being eaten
  • Seven players/characters (obviously)
  • Probably soldiers or part of the same unit. Will start the game In medias res I think.
  • Not a 2 or 3 shot. Looking for something epic

So if anyone has thoughts or wants to follow along, or wants to play, let me know.



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