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  2. If all goes well, the writing will be done by Mid-October. But that also means editing and finishing art etc.. And some of the folks who offered to help I will be reaching out to very soon.
  3. Right, those are a bit vague, which is why I would just use the MW core book itself. Lesser Demon = 6 MP; Greater Demon = 9 MP That is much more straightforward and easier to deal with.
  4. Well, if TPTB will tell you and work with you to adjust your idea, And once they do and you get the go ahead, then its up to you to make a supplement that we all have to buy because it is so damn good Don't be afraid of failure or success; that is the thing I have learned in my quest to be a free lancer and game developer.
  5. Well sorcery is designed to circumnavigate the natural world. So you could also allow dwarfs to move at full speed through the Earth to compensate for the ability of sorcerers to do the same. And I would say, spend 1 MP to gain X amount of movement or control of movement. So the base spells work as defined and spending more MP gives greater movement.
  6. Okay so you are talking about Advanced Sorcery. Gotcha.
  7. Where are you getting the information from? Is that in Advanced Sorcery? To refresh myself I just looked through the base MW book and it is pretty basic on summoning costs: 6 for Lesser and 9 for Greater.
  8. Hopefully I can do it justice when I stream the game later this month.
  9. Well my understanding is that this is an attempt to expand that audience and to gauge what people like. My experience has shown that having an OGL / SRD / Insert community license here suddenly makes a game more attractive to people who might pass it by. Even if they do not build their own game or setting, just the idea that someone could do that is enough to give the game a look over. I suspect this will be the case with HQ/Questworlds and what not. Many people will discover it for the first time. Many will re-discover it. With Chaosium's recent successes I suspect (and hope) there will be renewed interest. While yes, the current community is small, there could be any number of reasons for that. A perception that HQ is a bit of 400 level RPG play, when it really is not. A perception that it is intrinsically tied to Glorantha the same way RQ kinda-sorta is. The name change and so on. I have no data to support these, just anecdotal stuff from conversations over the years. No reason that it won't get some growth.
  10. This month I will be streaming two (related) sessions of Superworld, using a homebrew setting. It is part of a Supers Jam for August. I will link it once I have the dates firmed down. ~SMH
  11. I generally thought that as well and I definitely think players should record and upload their Actual Play. I was a bit intimidated by the idea that I would have to figure out how to host everyone live, difficult in many ways, or have everyone on camera. The latter is less difficult but I was worried would still cause my laptop issues (the big rig died and needs replacing). But recently I fell in with a rough crowd of RPG players who stream. The way they do it (and the way I think I am going to do it) is with Discord and Roll20 and OBS and you only see the GM's face, though you hear everyone else. There are also some Podcasts that are pure audio and no video at all. It works really well. Here is session 1 of the Tiny Dungeons 2E; I play the human Cauldor, who is heavily influenced by several of my old Glorantha characters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owyw8-SVbhU&t=244s And there is a HQG character sheet on Roll20. So I think that HQG would well for a format like that. As I get a better handle on HQG I am considering doing something. Okay back to the core discussion, thanks for the digression.
  12. OR you could take from say, the Wheel of Time and have other magicians "still" the user, cutting them off from their magic. /shrug
  13. Something like Cold Iron that makes magic difficult or impossible. Put a cold iron spike through their hands or cold iron chains. Maybe a rock of pure cold iron on a chain around their neck like kryptonite.
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