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    I began playing RPGs in 1981 with BASIC D&D. Since then I have rarely met a game I would not at least roll up a character for. I prefer to play or run a variety of games and systems. I am also a (atm) amateur designer and have written modules for the RPGA Living Greyhawk and Living Dragonstar campaigns. (Both are now defunct).
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  1. All the discussions for Mournblade I see are in French, but there might be some compatible Roll20 resources in the direction. (I do not read French, so I cannot say how good or how useful)
  2. I Do not know how much I am allowed to say, but I can say After Thought is not Runed Worlds. Its something much different. Runed Worlds is still on my project list though.
  3. The vibe I get is one of trying to create what the game name changed to: a magic world. Not desperate and dark and doomed the way the Young Kingdoms were, but something that had a sinister fairy tail to it. A world that can go places. There is a lot of potential in the Southern Reaches. If I were to give it a vibe, I would say Loreena McKennitt metal.
  4. This is my answer as well. There was something... I dunno if decadent is the right word, but raw and unconcerned in the design that I liked. I would play any version, but SB 1 is my preferred.
  5. Time for an update. I apologize for it being so much time passing. We are still at work on the manuscript itself. My writing on it had to slow way down, though to be fair a year may have been ambitious on getting this done. Regardless, I hate making a promise and not delivering. Let me list some things we have accomplished. Finalized the visual aspects of the magical language Finalized character creation, in terms of the changes needed. Finalized the look we want for the book. Almost done the free First Look. It will reveal all the folk and their in game stats and how
  6. Straight to PDF. If it is super successful other related KS projects down the line, but this one will be PDF and maybe a POD option.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. December 2019 Update I realize I have been working on this system and these games for a long time now. With so many life changes and other projects coming up, the systems have had their own changes. And the worlds too. But none of them are being abandoned. I have actually managed to get quite a bit done on Q21 this year, even if that meant scrapping a lot of work I had done. As it stands Q21 looks almost nothing like OpenQuest2 at this point. And that has been part of the problem. I had this idea originally and each time I revise it, it moves away from the original OQ framework. Tha
  9. December 2019 Update This is just a quick update. A longer one will be coming near the end of the month. I want to have our next team meeting before revealing any more information. We are still looking at February as a release month. But the long promised preview will be available soon. It will have info on the playable races, some lore, a preview of the locations, speak about magic, etc... I know I have given hints before about the magic, but I am very excited about how we are using the existing Sorcery rules in Magic World to create this deep and immersive feel. I am excited
  10. So this is from page 105, sub header- SORCERY SPELL LIST Unless it states it somewhere else (that I have not found) the character's MP are not bolstered by the MP of any magic item, unless that item specifically says it does. The Staff doesn't, it just has MP available for use. However, a spell that is MP:MP uses the MP regardless of whether it is the same as the POW score. So if you sacrifice a point of POW (say 18 down to 17) until you use them, your MP are still 18 and the sorcerer would use 18 for the Resistance Table.
  11. That looks good. I will give better feedback later. But I liked what I saw.
  12. Moon Heart A moon heart is a blue or pearl colored crystal copy of a human heart, though some non-humans can use them as well. It feels much heavier than an actual heart and is slightly larger in size than one might expect. Cults Associated: Lhankor Mhy Friendly: The Invisible God; (Red Goddess?) Enemy: Kyger Litor & all the other Gods of the Uz Hostile: Orlanth; Cults that hate or forbid sorcery Knowledge Among sorcerers and the Uz, the hearts are well known. Currently there are two blue and two pearl hearts in the possession of individuals. It is r
  13. It is a very good interview. Lots of us are trying to get more non-D&D/PF content on the site, with some success I might add. I was happy to see this got posted.
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