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    I began playing RPGs in 1981 with BASIC D&D. Since then I have rarely met a game I would not at least roll up a character for. I prefer to play or run a variety of games and systems. I am also a (atm) amateur designer and have written modules for the RPGA Living Greyhawk and Living Dragonstar campaigns. (Both are now defunct).
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  1. General Update

    A lot has been going on personally, jobs and potential new jobs. I just want to keep everyone updated. 2018 will be an even bigger year for Q21 than 2017 has. January - Updated Salt Island Blues February - The Runed Worlds free intro - Vega, Two Stars
  2. In Other News...

    I am doing a Middle Earth hack using the Q21 rules as a base. I am finding doing a deconstruction of the system lets me see some of its strengths and weaknesses. will likely post it when done.
  3. [Skae'] Caretakers: Lore

    So as I am going through and re working much of Skae' and one of the small things I have been on this week has been the Caretakers. They are the strange race who took care of the barren world before the coming of the First City. Since then they have guarded the ancient places, sometimes helping and sometimes battling the new comers. Their full story is still a mystery but here is what is commonly known: Caretakers are tall and grey skinned humanoids. They have long faces, no mouth but a long proboscis. They communicate through light glands along their neck and hand motions. They may also be telepathic but this has not been confirmed. Caretakers have wings and can fly a short distance. They can move through water though it is not known if this is traditional swimming or something else. Caretakers do not wear clothes but they do wear armor of ancient design when expecting a fight. Caretakers have never been seen eating but they do cook or leave food for others. Caretakers use long spears for weapons. These are made from what is known as Deep Iron. Caretakers mostly stay in their sacred places, though they have been known to live near dragons and giants. Occasionally one will assume the role of a protector for a village of men. Caretakers know sorcery or at least counter spells. There are rumors of a ruined Caretaker city. No one living has seen it. So far that is all I have. Caretakers are NPCs of course but they make an interesting addition to the world.
  4. So here is a version of the cover I am toying with. The art itself is set, but the title etc.. is not
  5. [Quwst21] News for August

    This month I am finishing up the Salt Mine Blues revision and the Q21 system revisions. Really that will be my month, except launching the website for the company. My own domain and everything! lol ~SMH
  6. So I have made some decisions and wanted to share them out. All good things. Kaerune' is now Skae (pr. sky-a). Skaemyr was too close to Skyrim and Skaerune' too close to RQ (IMO, no one said anything to me). I want Skae to stand on it's own as a fantastic game and world. I feel very good about this, better than any of the other names. There will be a new and updated version of Salt Mine Blues, I hope by the end of July. Sooner if possible. I am also keeping Sorcery for Skae, but Soul Magic and Weirding are changing and being combined into one. Still working out the details here. It will all be called Weird Magic. Additionally the smithing / crafting magic will become the third kind of available magic for characters. Have not landed on a proper name for it yet. There will be a master (and free) Quest21 Rulebook and SRD. The book will be out before the SRD. I have an artist working on the cover for Runed Worlds. It will be a bit retro and I am happy with how it is looking. Speaking of covers, here is the new one for Salt Mine Blues
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  10. In The Quiet Lands - MW Fan Setting

    Yeah I think so
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  13. Cult of Chaos seeking GMs for Free RPG Day!

    I am all set and ready for a full day. I hope the turn out is good.
  14. [Runed Worlds] Runed Worlds FAQ

    7. Where is the conflict? The basic conflicts are layered. There is every day survival, making money and staying alive in space. Even with all the tech, space is still a dangerous place. Below that is getting involved in some level, either in criminal or questionable enterprises and/or trying to keep some kind of peace in the various free zones. Down further you have the attempts by the various homeworlds to assert their control over members of their species (and other species) to halt the diaspora. For that matter perhaps halting the diaspora is where you want your play to go. The finally at the bottom are the dangers of Liminal Space, the odd alien creatures that live there and derive sustenance from corporeal life. Running a Lminal Space horror game is definitely possible. 8. What does humanity look like? The human race has evolved along three lines. The main line or Terran, is much like us today. The Posthuman is a genetically malleable and androgynous figure. The Transhuman has melded with technology even from conception. Other races have gone through similar drifts in their societies and species.
  15. Damage modifier

    First, philosophically. A weapon is indeed less effective in the hands of a person who has no raining with it. So a discussion of skill vs. damage output is certainly a Valid question to ponder. Negative damage seems a futile mathematical exercise in my mind, because why have a weapon damage die at all if the STR of the user really is governing the damage out put of the weapon. Well, STR and SIZ, depending on the system. I love crunchy, but that seems a little too crunchy. Secondly, is practical. matter. My little girl is three and a half. She is strong for her age, but not what we might consider adult strong. In her hands a plastic light sabre isn't merely a little stingy, it is downright brutal. She has rung my bell on a few occasions lol. So here is this little person who can really hurt someone if she does not watch out. But I do see your POV. There is a dilemma as to where you put the "line", where you start the progression of dice, and how quickly it progresses. Also, how strong are mega strength creatures like giants or dragons? One radical idea I have been mulling over is giving weapons damage modifiers, like 1, 2, 3, etc.. and have the variable die be strictly based on the STR+SIZ equation. So a weak character may only do a d2, and the weapon would add a +1 or +4 etc..