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  1. So I know folks are fans of Sarah Newton's Chronicles of Future Earth and looking for a new version... ...https://mindjammerpress.com/2018/08/14/the-chronicles-of-future-earth-of-the-ages-of-the-earth/
  2. Sean_RDP

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    I have some notes on something I am calling Pike & Howl, the Thirty Years War as a backdrop for a plague of werewolves. It is a very dark period of European history.
  3. Sean_RDP

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    I really like Classic Fantasy. I think it is a great meeting point of d100 and well, classic fantasy lol. But there is still a passion for Magic World. I have the beginnings of an idea for a MW stream and was thinking about writing some short, very generic MW adventures. Plus a few other ideas I need to keep to myself at the moment. As far as other games, I dare say my Q21 (based on D101's OpenQuest) has some MW in it. The love for MW is still there.
  4. Sean_RDP

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    I was thinking "That's silly" then you mentioned the UFO Interceptor and suddenly I am 100% on board. lol
  5. Sean_RDP

    What price for Dune?

    My VERY LIMITED experience with other properties suggests it might not even be with the estate this time. When a company gets the rights to an IP, they often include things like the game and role playing rights. And weirdly the rights might even include the actual mechanics, depending on the game and... suffice to say it is very complex. Which is not to say it is too expensive, but the IP holders may not even be TTRPG savy. I do think BRP would be great for a DUNE game. But I do not know if the general rpg audience would be interested enough in a granular system with DUNE.
  6. If I had the setting material for Runed Worlds ready I would just slide it over to you to see if you liked it. But the idea is a Star Patrol / Lensmen / Heavy Metal mashup full of aliens and two ancient opposing forces lording over things that are more Vorlons and Shadows than they are different aspects of say, the Force. So I suppose my suggestion is a pulp Space Rock-Opera with differing dials for sex and violence. HQ might be perfect but RQ could work if you want something more granular
  7. Sean_RDP

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    So once a year and on the occasional evening during the year I run a SF track at JordanCon here in the ATL. Obviously it was born from people who are fans of The Wheel of Time. Of what little I know, getting the license would be complex and layered. Chaosium might have the gravitas to pull it off though. I also have a ton of SF settings that I think would work, but one of them - an homage to Smith's Lensmen (sort of) I am working on myself with Runed Worlds, and the rest I would wait anyway to see what Chris Spivey has up his sleeves. Pretty excited to see what he will do with that. I know Brandon Sanderson is a gamer and so one of his properties might be a good choice. But if I were going to suggest something that had a similar feel to Moorcock's work, well at least a similar bleakness, would be Black Company. Some of Mercedes Lackey's stuff would work too. And Gormenghast. I know BBC did a series or such.
  8. Sean_RDP

    BRP WoT Channeling

    Which might be the best answer of all, to be honest. If it is not what you need, then make it be what you need it to be.
  9. Sean_RDP

    BRP WoT Channeling

    So I was thinking that even though everyone should have POW, maybe non-channelers do not need MP (magic points)? Just a thought.
  10. Sean_RDP

    BRP WoT Channeling

    Right, but POW is not the One Power. POW is just a character's internal potential luck and magical fuel and ability to tap into it. Whether they can tap into it or not. So it would not make much sense for some characters to have it and others not to. Just from a mechanical POV, not necessarily from the setting POV. I am basically just addressing this question. So I guess my answer is, give POW to everyone.
  11. Sean_RDP

    BRP WoT Channeling

    I would suspect using something like the Horn of Valere? But with any of the d100 games, POW and magic points are just inherent to a person. They can grow or fade as the dice and fate decree. So I would not just ignore it for non-channelers because what is their POW increases? Indeed, indeed resisting the One Power would require a character's POW. I am sure there are a plethora of things it could be used for. <----not the world's biggest WoT scholar, I just happen to know a few dozen of them lol
  12. Sean_RDP

    BRP WoT Channeling

    So Magic World answers that: the only people who can use Sorcery have to have a POW of 16 or better. I would use the exact same rule for The One Power. And then have a Sanity mechanic for channelers (or for everyone) but especially males. 1d3 Sanity loss per MP? or 1 SAN per MP spent? Edit: In essence the One Power is out there for everyone to tap into, but only those with a POW of 16 or better have the ability to do so. But everyone will have MP (magic points) that can be used for other things?
  13. Sean_RDP

    BRP WoT Channeling

    When era are you planning to run this in? Are you going to take into effect male channelers vs. female channelers? As well as those employed by the Seanchen? But what you are suggesting seems a simple and nice way to approach the weave.
  14. Sean_RDP

    Quest21: Hero Points

    Q21 is (as you may or may not know) based on OpenQuest and its SRD. One of the things I have considered is Hero Points and how, in general, I am not a fan. My original thought was just to drop them entirely. However, I have been toying with fate (little F, not the game system) and skein as concepts of character life. A character drops to 0, goes unconscious and their Skein takes a permanent hit. The character does not die but they are out of the scene / combat and so on. This the space where Q21 may very well put the idea of Hero Points: as Skein. The story of your life is finite, but the more heroic things someone does, they longer their story. Skein would be finite, but more could be gained through actions or GM decision. Any thoughts on how Skein might be gained through play are welcome. Can Skein be used for other things? Again thoughts are welcome.