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Catching up on the Bardori Saga



Hello All,

So, I'm way behind on my recap blog. Things got really crazy back around the holidays, and I lost my motivation to keep writing. Our campaign is still ongoing, although it is scheduled to end after Sacred Time 1626. Right now we are in Storm Season. At this point I have some more free time on my hands due to being shut in from the virus, so I figured I would catch up on my chronicle. These will be more brief because I've forgotten some of the details. 

Earth Season 1626 Finale - How my players became terrified of Sakkars

The party had successfully tracked down Angtyr of the Horn to a hidden cave in the southern Yellow Hills. Instead of charging right in, they returned to Darrold's Hold and rounded up the posse. King Orkarl himself decided to accompany them, along with 20-ish warriors. This session was one big string of battles, most of which were very one-sided. Garkar was nearly killed after getting stabbed in the neck by a sentry, but recovered with some quick healing. After that, the posse split up to cut off all escape routes for the bandits. The party and King Orkarl continued with 10 men. Sneaking up on the cave proved impossible, and the alarm was soon raised. Angtyr appeared, naked and wielding a very large spear. After some banter and mockery, he commanded his bandits to attack while he slipped away. 

I was hoping this final battle would prove to more challenging for the crew, but I had given them one particular toy that threw things way out of balance: the Sakkar spirit. Since they had spent most of the last session trying to find and ally with it, I wanted to make it worth the trouble. They had already used it to help find Angtyr, but it had another useful ability. If it was allowed to possess a human host, it would transform that person into a flesh-and-blood saber-toothed cat. I figured Egajia would do this, but it was decided her spirit magic would be more useful. Erindros, who is somewhat lacking in combative skills, volunteered for possession. 

Angtyr, who was a priest of Gerendetho, had the power to summon rockfalls from his god. He started the fight by doing this, bringing down Orkarl and a few other warriors in a large rockslide. He then ran for it. As soon as Erindros saw this, he invited the Sakkar spirit in, and transformed. Egajia cast some damage-boosting spells, and Erindros/Sakkar managed to leap right over the defensive shield wall that was guarding Angtyr. The bandit king had a hefty Shield spell up, and as soon as Egajia realized this she called on an ancestor spirit (pre-summoned) to tear it down with a big Dispel Magic. Angtyr had lasted only 3 rounds before Erindros caught up with him. In tiger form, he managed to tear open Angtyr's chest with a claw swipe, which was nearly enough to kill him. Then he rolled a Special for the bite attack on his HEAD! Typical. He rolled high enough damage to decapitate poor Angtyr, so that was it. Before his untimely demise, Angtyr had pulled on a rope nearby, opening up a pit in the ground. 

Out of the pit climbed a massive broo, vile and pustule-ridden. As Erindros engaged with the beast, the other bandits were quickly falling to Garkar, HWSAD and Egajia's signature Sleep spells. The giant broo lasted another two rounds, but was quickly eviscerated by saber-tooth fangs, and a finishing blow to the chest by HWSAD's maul. King Orkarl was healed, and everyone witnessed the Sakkar bound up a cliff and back into the woods. This was done to make the Balkoth men think that the tribe was avenged by a local spirit, rather than by a group of Dundealos adventurers. Egajia took Angtyr's enchanted horn as a gift to the Wozer clan, and the rest of the party split up the spoils with King Orkarl. They returned to the Wozer clan in triumph, presenting the chieftain with the horn, and sealing their friendship. 

Next time I will recap Dark Season, which will also likely be short. Thanks for reading!


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