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    I've been into tabletop RPG's since college, mostly D&D, with some other systems and story games along the way. Typically I am the GM for my group. I occasionally write about and review games about my blog, Castle Mordrigault. I've also done some freelance game writing for End Transmission Games, and Menagerie Press.
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    I don't get to play as often as I would like, but most recently I have run campaigns for 5th edition D&D in the Planescape setting, and for Unknown Armies 3rd edition.

    My current game of Runequest: Glorantha takes place among the newly reforged Dundealos Tribe, and follows a Sartarite clan of my own creation struggling to rebuild and survive the challenges of the Hero Wars.
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  1. I think it just comes down to immersion vs. what’s fun for the average player, especially if they’re coming into Runequest from D&D, like many new players are (and me). In general, I like how the design of RQG provides a deep simulation of how things work in Glorantha. Paying POW for rune points is fine for me, because magical power should have a cost. I just think a lot of people have trouble with the cost being time, meaning in-game time and the players’ actual time.
  2. If the long casting times are a hard pill to swallow, one solution that someone posed in the forums a while back was having a “quick-cast” house rule in place. This would mean that a sorcerer can can use INTx5 or POWx5 or something like that, and cast a basic, un-boosted version of a sorcery spell. I’ve been thinking of allowing this in my next game.
  3. I'm thinking of starting my next campaign among the Locaem Tribe. The political conflict taking place within the tribe seems like it's worth building a campaign around, plus you have Pegasus Plateau as a good starting point. I'm debating which clan to make the PC's "home clan." The Owl and Raven clans both seem interesting, but I have a lot of questions about their patron spirits, clan history, etc. I think the story from Pegasus Plateau is that Raven led the original settlers from the Locaem clans into their current lands. The Owl, Raven, Salvi, and Ulanding clans are considered the "or
  4. I can’t find anything about this in the GtG, but I remember something about Chaos-corrupted Mostali mining for uranium in the Tunneled Hills. Am I just imagining this?
  5. @Dreaming_Johnny I recently wrote up a spirit cult of Uncol, the Uncoling reindeer spirit, for RQG. I haven't play-tested it or anything but you might be interested. It's modeled somewhat after the Telmor cult from the bestiary. I tried to add rune magic that would make them effective in tundra warfare, and also lean towards being magic specialists. Uncol (Beast) Initiate Membership - Anyone born to Uncoling parents is automatically an initiate of the cult. Outsiders must be adopted into a clan or family to join. - Cult Skills: 1H Spear, Self Bow, Cult Lore (Uncol), Dance
  6. I would love to see northern Pamaltela as well! I also really loved that small supplement you did on Gloranthan architecture. Something more expansive, maybe focusing on cities or temples could be really cool.
  7. I wonder if whoever wrote the conversation between Oddi and Paulis was inspired by the Bhagavad Gita. There is the same basic message that you have to do your duty and play your part, even when greater awareness makes it all seem meaningless. Granted, Arjuna’s reason for not wanting to fight are different. Actually, while I’m at it, Ralzakark reminds me a lot of Ravana from the Ramayana. He’s an enlightened monster who terrifies the world, and draws his power from mystical knowledge.
  8. Kyger Litor has a shamanic tradition. If your player’s character is from the Torkani tribe in Sartar, they could plausibly worship her as Deloradella. I can’t think of anything else that is already written up in RQG. Edit: I’m pretty sure in the RGQ Bestiary it says Kyger Litor initiates can become priestesses and/or shamans.
  9. They don’t go into a lot of detail on this, but WF #15 is still a great read. It’s the best source on the Dragon Pass Sun Dome Temple.
  10. I hope that the Kitori get some detailed coverage in a future supplement, hopefully as an option for making player characters and running campaigns. Also aren’t the Torkani and Bachad tribes supposed to be descended from Kitori?
  11. Your answers to question 9 and 10 are really helpful. I always allowed my shaman PC to scout with her fetch, or other spirits. But this seemed overpowered to me. I like those limitations.
  12. I think you have a plausible theory there. To clear up the Malkioni vs. Brithini question, the Brithini are immortals who adhere to strict caste laws, and don’t recognize gods as worthy of worship. “Malkioni” is more of an umbrella term for all Westerners in Glorantha, including the Brithini. They recognize the Invisible God over all others, and practice some kind of caste system. They are all technically human, but the Brithini are so weird and ancient that they seem inhuman to others.
  13. This was pretty much the story of my life while I was running my last campaign. And for the record I think shamans are supposed to have two POW scores for attack and defense, with rules as written. Our shaman was a powerhouse, although when she went into the spirit world alone, it was a different story. Those were the times when I could really make her player sweat.
  14. That post was what got me thinking about this. I wrote up a bunch of tribes for Oranor a while ago, more than 20, but now I'm wondering if it makes sense to have that many. The thing is, as far as worldbuilding goes tribes are a nice way to organize things. Every tribe kind of has their own "thing." Then you pick a tribe that's interesting and make up clans. But increasingly Sartar is looking like an unusual case, with so many tribes compared to smaller numbers of clans.
  15. I think some clans are inextricable from tribal kingship. At least that's how I imagine these things happening. Like how the Ernaldori are really the biggest and most influential of the Colymar clans. There seem to be clans who basically control towns or other important resources. I would imagine that these tribal resources start there.
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