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I am SUCH a Happy Geek!



Well, it's been a couple weeks and the group has finally gotten off the beach. They met a gruff but helpful centaur by name of Khauros who, unbeknownst to our Heroines, is the personal representative of Artemis on Earth. He led them to his herd's pasture where they could light a small fire, cook rations, dry off and get some sleep. At this point the characters are still struggling with initiating things and have to be gently prodded along, but they're getting there.

I had the incredibly wonderful thrill of taking Nieces G [the mom] and C [her early teens daughter] to the best FLGS in our local area and watch them lose their minds 😁 As our gift to the girls, my wife and I bought them dice, a dice bag, and told them we'd buy a figure for them. And then Niece G surprised me by buying the RQG rules off the shelf. It was a pretty awesome day at the office.

The next session is going to be pretty free-form. 'OK girls, you're safe for now. But you're on an unknown coast, so what do you want to do?' From there, we'll see which way they jump.


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