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It’s a cool feature, someone aught to use it…




If anyone happens to read this, I thought I would use the blog-space to explain what I am doing in the download section. I have run a particular Post-Apocalyptic game reasonably regularly since about 1981. This is not to say I have run one continuous game, but rather I have run countless different campaigns with different mechanics and different groups of players but always keeping certain core elements of the world that I would adapt and (hopefully) improve over time. This has left me with hundreds of pages of hand written notes, and about a hundred or so of typed notes. Much of the time my world has been run as either Aftermath, homebrew BRP or with mechanics I wrote myself. With the release of a new “cannon” BRP I would like to convert my world solely to BRP – just so I can have a game that is run in mechanics that are currently in publication! In a perfect world I would organize all this and finish typing it up and propose to Chaosium that it be published as a manuscript. But since gaming is my hobby and not vocation, I am not sure I will have the time to do that properly, so instead I am writing up one section at a time (particularly the sections that I think will be useful to other players) and posting them as I go. To begin with I am writing the mechanics that I need for the world – detailed firearms rules, and my next posting will be “normal dogs”…

I hope people find things they can use,



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