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  1. Thanks Clarence, I was hoping you'd see my question.
  2. So I'm starting an M-Space game next week (on-line of course) and I was wondering if we have any idea about what will be in the up coming M-Space Companion? I know robots and cybernetics are in there--do we know anything else? Thanks.
  3. I'm in. And as I understand it, that buys me the right to make little nit-picky suggestions... (As a little aside, in my line of work we often say that no motivation is as strong in a human as the desire to edit what someone else has written -- I fear that I may have just paid money for the opportunity to make editorial comments -- this is a great business model.) :-) But seriously, for those of us with minor comments, where should they be directed?
  4. Thanks! I like what I saw in 0.2... Looking forward to this version.
  5. Am I just missing something, is there a link for the v0.5? Thanks, Rich
  6. Cabin Fever was written as a Rubble and Ruin adventure (though it could be ported easy enough to any PA setting). Narl, I don't think I have any pre-gen R&R characters, but I did a fast Rubble and Ruin for use at my FLAG that simplified character creation. I could post that if anyone wanted.
  7. I got this email the other day, thought people might be interested. (http://www.chaosium.com/mission-to-epsilon/) ----------- Howdy Richard! At long last we have physical copies of the BRP adventure contest monograph Mission to Epsilon! ... Dustin Wright (the one in Texas)
  8. I think some of my Horsechester art made it into CC. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.440421636120947&type=1 (I hope this link works from outside of Facebook...)
  9. If you can stand my sloppy handwriting, several of the characters are simply retyped from the sample characters in the Download section. Eoghain the Sorceror == Sorceror Lord Byron, a Minor Noble == Minor Noble Ana the Hunter == Outdoorsman Gweneth the Healer == Healer /Scribe Jeromyn the Thief == Sneak Thief Vevina the Merenary == Archer Ruairi the Mercenary == Heavy Fighter The file is here:
  10. Adv. Sorcery is not at GenCon, but there is an ad for it! https://skydrive.live.com/embed?cid=47242718713E6875&resid=47242718713E6875%21297&authkey=ABHf95pVD0Navxw
  11. rleduc

    Quick NPC Types!

    (with the help of my seven year old daughter) The Boy Wizard POW 18 CHR 13 Courious What could possibly go wrong if we went into that dark cave...
  12. That's when you start writting adventures...
  13. Yeah but you guys still wouldn't hit...
  14. I have submitted a monograph set in the Southern Reaches -- and Nick thought it might be out by Gen Con... Back text: Is Horsechester a typical village of the Southern Reaches? Hardly. Built around an ancient wall, or chester, the village is home to Equerry of Drumhold, the noble charged with maintaining Barron Drum’s fighting horses. Not the great warhorses of the knights, but rather the hundreds of horses used to wage the barons wars. The horse market in the village attracts wealth, and wealth attracts adventurers. And all of this is built on top of ancient sites dating to the time when the Fey ruled the Southern Reaches. This Magic World monograph details the village of Horsechester, several of its institutions, and has three loosely coupled adventures all starting in Horsechester and ending in trouble. The adventures work for beginning characters, and the first can be used to bring to either bring adventurers together, or with an existing group. In Horsechester adventurers will encounter scheming ogres, raiding orcs, swarms of undead, and a lot of bad weather. And I have added two of the maps to the download section: Magic World Monograph Maps -- Horsechester - Downloads - Basic Roleplaying Central
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