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Right Word Now



So, another Sunday, another full day for Roleplaying! Today I was gaming, RuneQuest/BRP in 2nd Age Glorantha. We have been playing the Blood of Orlanth campaign, and today the group was trying to stop a ceremony that would channel the energy of a storm into the world dragon project.

The two most memorable happenings of todays session was the following: Tarkan, a EWF desserter working undercover was standing judge over a man who refused to split the tongues of his children. Tarkans advisor suggested that he should be thrown in the dungeon, whereupon Tarkan responds loudly; "Okay, execute!" and the guy gets his head chopped off. Poor choice of words, that one will certainly be remembered. Next thing was the major fight of the day, against an equal number of skilled opponents. A very balanced fight that went back and forth for a long time before ending with a draw.

Tomorrow is back to work again, but I will try to improve my blogging skills and write daily. Sadly, it will probably not all be RPG related.



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