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  1. Added! The link to the Quickstart rules go to the page with download links for both the quickstart rules and the extra pre-gen, so that should suffice.
  2. I think these threads fits nicely in the Glorantha forum. Finding them is easily done with a search if they've moved down the pages. So, no new subforum for now at least. Subforum proliferation is the path to inactive subforums, so we're trying to avoid that.
  3. Could I suggest just to mark threads containing spoilers for scenarious as such? Just with a [SPOILERS!] at the end of the thread title? Players searching the internet for a pre-read of the adventures they are about to play is pretty much a non-existing problem I think. Any moderator can add a [SPOILERS!] warning to any threads by editing the first post of the thread.
  4. If they're not available for purchase even as PDF they won't make it to the list. OOP publications for the various systems are too numerous to keep track of.
  5. Updated!
  6. Secret sci-fi project? If it contains scenarios, consider it backed!
  7. Added!
  8. Backed!
  9. Do you mean in 2018 you will prioritize AEON, or will you be able to do both in 2017?
  10. Nice!
  11. I'll take a closer look at R100 to see how they make it work. Currently I've merged the Drive and Ride skill into a Drive/Ride skill - Drive wagon and ride horse or other mount for historic/fantasy settings, Drive automobile or other motor vehicle and ride motorcycle for near historic/current/future settings. I'm also keeping the pilot skill - which can be specified for boat, flying beast, airplane, helicopter or spacecraft. I'm also currently keeping the Athletics skill as one skill, limited to a max skill of STR or DEX x5. I'll playtest this for some time and see how it works.
  12. The average age of roleplayers are getting higher. As a young nerd I could spend hours and days making and preparing adventures and campaigns for our once weekly full day sessions, now I game around 3 hrs. every week (which I'm pretty satisfied with all considering) with minimal preparation. Pregenerated adventures have become an absolute necessity for me.
  13. Great! I assume a faulty URL was the reason behind your warning too Nick J., but please tell if that does not turn out to be the case. S.
  14. I think it's the faulty URL with the period at the end that brings up the insecure connection warning. Adding the period at the end gives warnings in firefox, explorer and chrome - and following that link leads to a misdirected request page. Could you double-check this and see what happens if you go to ?
  15. That's a good idea. I might just add another Craft slot. I'll playtest it and see what works best.