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  1. Trifletraxor

    Mythras Publications & Links

    It's only updated when people post here in this thread about said products (preferably with links). Updated now with what I found from Design Mechanism on DriveThru.
  2. Trifletraxor

    Glorantha Publications

    Added to the list!
  3. Trifletraxor

    Site News & Feedback

    Not as far as I know. Using the SEO friendly URLs make the threads more visible on a search, but breaks links if the thread is renamed.
  4. Trifletraxor

    Site News & Feedback

    This is unfortunately beyond my skill level.
  5. Trifletraxor

    RQG goes on sale on June 1st

    Just had a look at the pdf. I looks spectacular! I'm really impressed by the art and the layout. Looking forward to the dead tree copy!
  6. Trifletraxor

    Glorantha Links

    Removed. Went down and didn't go up again. Message groups or social media groups need to be very high activity to make it to the list.
  7. Trifletraxor

    File Uploads and how to delete.

  8. Trifletraxor

    General Update

    Something to look forward to in 2018 then!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Trifletraxor

    File Uploads and how to delete.

    Nope. Making a post about it could be an idea to bring attention to it, but no automated messages are sent, it's just not in the software.
  11. Trifletraxor

    File Uploads and how to delete.

    I've just tested it, and it looks like it works for me at least. Could you try again? The process is not that intuitive. Click "File Actions" and then "Upload a new version" OPTIONAL: Adjust the version number and write what's new with the current version. Do NOT upload the file in the "Drag files here to attach" box just beneath the "What's New" box! Under the "Upload Your Files" section add the new file right next to "Files" and then remember to delete the old file which also will be listed just below. - If this doesn't work, please attach it here to a post and I'll work to see what's wrong.
  12. Trifletraxor

    Site News & Feedback

    Had some down-time the other day as our forum-software was upgraded to the latest version. A fatal error during upgrade caused the site to go offline for some hours, but with prompt help from the support crew we came online again. Please report if you encounter any strange behavior from the site after the upgrade!
  13. Trifletraxor

    File Uploads and how to delete.

    So you clicked "File action" and then "Upload a new version" - what happened? Did you get any error message during the process?
  14. Trifletraxor

    Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 1

    I think these threads fits nicely in the Glorantha forum. Finding them is easily done with a search if they've moved down the pages. So, no new subforum for now at least. Subforum proliferation is the path to inactive subforums, so we're trying to avoid that.