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    Long-time BRP GM and player. Set up the BRP Central site after getting banned from the Mongoose forums thrice. Working on getting our houserules brew of BRP down on paper.
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  1. It's been a larger update of the forum software. It has chopped the banners, it's too bright and the layout is not optimal, but I'll try to improve and tweak that during the weekend.
  2. There is a restriction on PMs for 5 new conversations per dag and max. 5 recipients per conversation, for "Regulars". For "Members", the number is 1 and 1. This to prevent the horrid PM spam we were plagued with for some time. If it provides to much of a limitation, I'll up the limit.
  3. Not a software issue. I followed the link and the thread has been hidden by a moderator. I've been searching the AdminCP without finding a reason for this. We're due for a major software upgrade next Friday, hopefully it will bring with it a better search engine. It's always been kind of sucky.
  4. I just tried the same search and got 6 pages of results. Maybe just a database hickup when you searched?
  5. Fixed! And added! Added a link to the Jonstown Compendium too, which was a glaring omission.
  6. Haven't been able to fix it myself. I've requested support from the IPS staff, hopefully we'll have it resolved soon.
  7. If anyone receives PM spam sent in the last 12 hours, please report. We've banned all the spamming accounts we found and current reports are for PMs sent by them before getting banned. So PM spam sent for more than 12 hours ago needs no reporting.
  8. Keeping it to the larger and more dedicated publications. Makes the list easier to maintain.
  9. I set it up before the zero edition of BRB was published, when I was working in a tiny village up north where and had lots of spare time. Two kids later and the situation is quite different. I'm very happy Chaosium made a home here and help with the management as it reinvigorated BRP Central and I wasn't able to give it the attention it needs myself. If however you should find any bugs in the forum software, don't eat them, they're mine!
  10. Judas has the solution Bill. The software we uses regularly gets updates, but us tenants have no influence on what the coders are working on.
  11. Well, there's no cartoony feel about these illustrations, they look great!
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