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    Long-time BRP GM and player. Set up the BRP Central site after getting banned from the Mongoose forums thrice. Working on getting our houserules brew of BRP down on paper.
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    Clanking City, Elric! and Pent campaigns using d100rules.
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    Oslo, Norway
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    Physician, adventurer and gamer!

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  1. Possibly. Itā€™s supposed to be in effect already.
  2. Login with username is no longer possible. Everyone needs to switch to email instead.
  3. It's been buggy since the last update. Login with email and password, seems like the forum software know thinks usernames are insecure as they are public. I've sent a question to support about it.
  4. Why does the sign in today keep saying my password is incorrect? I have had to use the reset pasword option every time I log in using the same password as before is is a glitch?

  5. Removed, together with the other ones I didn't find online anymore. Done! šŸ˜‰ Added! Sad to hear, enjoyed those! Cheers, Triff.
  6. Locked after request from thread starter.
  7. Ping me again when it is time Bill!
  8. Done! (as swiftly as a beetle in wintertime)
  9. BBCode has been deprecated with the latest update it seems like. Unfortunately, that means no more spoiler tags... šŸ˜•
  10. Haven't encountered this myself. Bandwidth on the forum end should be good enough. It automatically upgrade the hosting to a more expensive plan when they number of active members online reach a new threshold.
  11. šŸ˜„ On the whole male/female knights discussion; it's obviously going nowhere and is utterly pointless. The new edition is highly unlikely to be influenced by this thread and GMs will just have to use what they like from the new or stick with the old.
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