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  1. I'll take a closer look at R100 to see how they make it work. Currently I've merged the Drive and Ride skill into a Drive/Ride skill - Drive wagon and ride horse or other mount for historic/fantasy settings, Drive automobile or other motor vehicle and ride motorcycle for near historic/current/future settings. I'm also keeping the pilot skill - which can be specified for boat, flying beast, airplane, helicopter or spacecraft. I'm also currently keeping the Athletics skill as one skill, limited to a max skill of STR or DEX x5. I'll playtest this for some time and see how it works.
  2. The average age of roleplayers are getting higher. As a young nerd I could spend hours and days making and preparing adventures and campaigns for our once weekly full day sessions, now I game around 3 hrs. every week (which I'm pretty satisfied with all considering) with minimal preparation. Pregenerated adventures have become an absolute necessity for me.
  3. Great! I assume a faulty URL was the reason behind your warning too Nick J., but please tell if that does not turn out to be the case. S.
  4. I think it's the faulty URL with the period at the end that brings up the insecure connection warning. Adding the period at the end gives warnings in firefox, explorer and chrome - and following that link leads to a misdirected request page. Could you double-check this and see what happens if you go to ?
  5. That's a good idea. I might just add another Craft slot. I'll playtest it and see what works best.
  6. Climb and Swim is different skills. In my initial list I had no Athletics skill, only Climb and Swim. Run, Throw and Jump is better handled as stat rolls in my opinion, but Climb and Swim is clearly skills. They rarely increase much from the time of character generation, which is why I thought to combine them, but you make a good point. Specific skill list for different genres are without doubt the easiest way to do it, but if I was able to get a working unified list than that would be better I think. I struggled somewhat with mechanics, electrical and computer skills for a while, but have landed on using devise for easy mechanical and electrical work and research for computer use, while a craft mechanic, craft electrician or lore computers would be needed for more advanced use. Influence is the general communication skill in the list, other communication skills like fast talk, orate, boast, sing, seduce, flirt, intimidate, command, charm, bribe, converse, persuade, etc. can be added as one of the 4 chosen skills at the end. I've dropped languages as percentage skills as I don't think they work good as such, instead language level will be listed as basic (B), advanced (A) or native (N). Everyone starts with one language at native level and can buy levels in other languages at char-gen for 25% per level, or gain proficiency in new languages during gameplay.
  7. Could you post a screenshot? I'm not seeing the same myself using chrome.
  8. The skills I'm most dissatisfied with on the list is Ride, Drive and Pilot - all the skills can work for all settings - for fantasy drive can be drive cart or wagon and pilot can be pilot boat or hippogriff - but drive and pilot will be seldom used in a fantasy setting, ride and pilot rarely used in a present setting and ride seldom used in a sci-fi setting. I've been looking for a skill that could be all three and then specified, or one that at least covered both ride and drive - but have troubles coming up with candidates. I feel ride is necessary for fantasy/historic, drive for present and drive and possibly pilot for sci-fi, but all three bloat the skill list with some skills that will go unused. Pilot could possibly be considered a craft, as all sci-fi characters won't necessarily have the skill. Any suggestions for a word covering ride and drive, drive and pilot or all three would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Welcome back pansophy! I've mined Monte Cook's books before for scenarios/campaigns and recently had another look at drivethrurpg. Did you come across any good scenarios/campaigns for the Cypher System that could be converted?
  10. I'm not able to reproduce this. Could you please post the entire warning you got, plus any information provided with it? Did you just type in the URL or did you search for it first, and if that is the case, what search engine did you use? Google's Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool reports No unsafe content found. Do you use any add-ons to your browser which might have triggered the warning?
  11. I've tried to combine skills that rarely get used, for example climb, swim and throw into an athletics skill. Listen and Spot gets rolled almost every session, so they're both in good use. Smell, Taste or Sense/feel could be added as one of the 4 individual added skills at the end, but I don't feel it would be in that much use if you're not. f.ex. a werewolf or a troll.
  12. I've tried this once before, 6 main broad skills, with possibility for 2 specializations within each. I liked the idea, because it allows for quick generation of NPCs and a more personalized skill list for the PCs, but my players didn't like it. They felt the broad skill got too general, that they had too few skills overall and during play they missed specialized skills that they hadn't chosen. But brawl and Melee could be combined into a close combat skill, as they're quite similar. I think I'll go with that.
  13. So I've been working to come up with a skill list that is relatively short, but can work for fantasy/historic, present and sci-fi settings. The list above is where I'm at now. Is there any skills you feel is missing from the list? Something that is not covered? Or something else that feel quirky with it?
  14. Skill list: Athletics Craft __________ Craft __________ Devise Drive/Ride First Aid Hide Influence Listen Lore __________ Lore __________ Lore __________ Melee combat Pilot __________ Ranged weapons Research Ride Sleight Sneak Spot Streetwise Survival _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________
  15. What's the reasoning behind this tweak?