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  1. List has been updated! Thanks for the contributions to keep the list uptodate! @hkokko - Notes From Pavis is already listed in the Glorantha link list. @Arasmo - The lists for publications and links are english only to keep it more manageable in the long run. Cheers, Sverre.
  2. Cleaned up now. Reverted back to email and administrator validation for new registrations. Takes longer time, but keeps out the spammers.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    5th Edition of Ray Turner's Fire and Sword RPG system.
  4. I really enjoyed Blood of Orlanth. I expanded upon it and used it as the framework for our campaign that lasted at least a couple of years.
  5. Would it be okay to also upload it to the Fire and Sword folder in the downloads section?
  6. We'll give this topic an hour to cool down before it reopens...
  7. Hi chiisu81! Do you still get a partially secure message or is it fixed now? Cheers, Sverre.
  8. Thanks! I'll get support to have a look at it.
  9. With our brand new SSL certificate we have just moved over to https:// and encrypted traffic!
  10. Just had a large update of the software. Please tell if you encounter any bugs!
  11. You got it. By the way, browser have started to flag any site without a SSL certificate as unsafe to write in a passwords for, as the passwords are not encrypted if the site is hacked. So, we'll have to get us one of those.
  12. Link to the Kickstarter!
  13. Avatars are being moved back to the original storage in hope that it will fix some of the problems. Trouble was that the images were moved just when Amazon's servers were down. Might be that some avatars was lost in the process and have to be reuploaded.
  14. Looks like it's Amazon that's having problems. We'll just have to wait. Should this happen regularly we'll have to reconsider using them.
  15. Hello Hive! As we were getting close to our maximum storage space, a measly 5 GB, and did not want to pay a lot for an upgrade at IPS, some of the files are now stored externally with Amazon. Please tell if you have any problems with downloads, attachments or images - these are the main files affected. Cheers, Trifletraxor.