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  1. New privacy policy in place to keep the hive GDPR compliant! Facebook login app has been disabled/deleted. If you registered using the Facebook app before it malfunctioned and have problems login in afterwards, please shoot me a message using the Contact Us form and I'll sort it out.
  2. I didn't get past the index page. Are previous pages restricted to those who are logged in or something? If it's fixed I'll add the site to the link list. Added! Illuminated. Removed now. Pose the question in the RuneQuest or Glorantha forum, or search for it. I've dropped all message groups due to low activity. Sorry for the late response here, had forgot to check "Notify me of replies". Done now, so should respond faster going forward!
  3. Thanks. Seems like there something wrong with data storage. Have contacted support about it now.
  4. Just as a reminder - this thread isn't the best place for discussions as it is regularly pruned...
  5. I've added to the description that the links point to PDFs if available to keep the list updated as dead-tree format goes in and out of print. All products available for sale have been included. The older editions are still available, so they're still there. The list is light description-wise to make it an easier job to maintain. Wyrms Footnotes 15 was published by Chaosium, so I considered it more "official" than the other fanzines. Sharper Adventures and Forgotten Secrets have been removed from the Heroquest Glorantha section as suggested. I haven't paid that much attention to what is uptodate cannon or not - I guess that would only be the guide, atlas, sourcebook and latest runequest and heroquest books. The electronic version of King of Sartar is an ePub book and not a PDF for some reason, I guess that is the reason I've linked to the physical copy. Waiting for the PDF! Book of Heortling Mythology is now correctly labeled! All the broken links went to dead tree versions. There was a reason for the shift to PDFs! Thank you for your input lordabdul!
  6. I'll grab that link from you and add it to the list!
  7. Vol. V is the Missing Lands - its current unavailability is the reason it has not made it to the list - only products in print are listed. Edit: In print may be a misnamer - available for sale in dead tree version or PDF is the criteria.
  8. Unless everyone lost their Gravitar support won't do much about it. Reupload!
  9. Some guy on another job is mister Green. You're mister Pink!
  10. @Kloster Could you try to reupload your avatar Kloster? Looks like the forum software has eaten the previous one.
  11. We've just completed another update that was rolled out to fix the issues with the previous updates! 😁
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