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    Long-time BRP GM and player. Set up the BRP Central site after getting banned from the Mongoose forums thrice. Working on getting our houserules brew of BRP down on paper.
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  1. Trifletraxor

    Mythras Publications & Links

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  3. Trifletraxor

    Download section @BRP

    You got a point there!
  4. Trifletraxor

    Site News & Feedback

    Upped! That's actually an excellent update!
  5. Trifletraxor

    Basic Roleplaying and Glorantha forums empty?

    Been doing some troubleshooting which I hope have fixed the issue, but please let me know of any remaining issues!
  6. Trifletraxor

    Download section @BRP

    Sure! https://basicroleplaying.org/files/category/65-runequest-in-glorantha/
  7. Trifletraxor

    Download section @BRP

    The download section is horribly indexed, but invisionpowers download app is not very user friendly in that re-organizing it will take a horrendous amount of work - which is why it has been postponed time and again. It does however have a search function - you just need to tick the "files" box when using the search field. So proper tagging of files is important when sharing and uploading. We have plenty of storage through Amazon, so that's not a limitation anymore. I've added .gdoc and .gsheets as possible extensions.
  8. Trifletraxor

    Glorantha Publications

    Edited the entry to include all issues of the fanzine.
  9. Trifletraxor

    Site News & Feedback

    Not as far as I know. Using the SEO friendly URLs make the threads more visible on a search, but breaks links if the thread is renamed.
  10. Trifletraxor

    Site News & Feedback

    This is unfortunately beyond my skill level.
  11. Trifletraxor

    RQG goes on sale on June 1st

    Just had a look at the pdf. I looks spectacular! I'm really impressed by the art and the layout. Looking forward to the dead tree copy!
  12. Trifletraxor

    Glorantha Links

    Removed. Went down and didn't go up again. Message groups or social media groups need to be very high activity to make it to the list.
  13. Trifletraxor

    File Uploads and how to delete.

  14. Trifletraxor

    General Update

    Something to look forward to in 2018 then!