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Classic Fantasy Iconic Characters

About This File

Some have requested to see my groups characters as they were at the beginning of the "Against the Giants" adaptation that I'm currently running. Here they are. These are the same characters found through out the Classic Fantasy books in the various examples and have been around for a looong time. They started out as D&D characters twelve or so years ago, then got converted to BRP using RQ and Stormbringer. Then when getting involved in the BRP playtest they were updated again to the Big Golden Book and finally used extensively to playtest Classic Fantasy.

As of right now, they are current and 100% Classic Fantasy. They are NOT beginning characters by any stretch of the imagination. Like every long time group, they have a pretty amazing back story, and I try to use it extensively when writing the examples.

Included are...

Alexandra, cleric of Apollo

Sir Drake, paladin of Nimue (the Lady of the Lake)

Lilly Tanglefoot, halfling thief

Rengarth of Black Tower, human magic-user

Sorack Blackwolf, elf ranger

Lorissa of Stormholm, half-elf barbarian and devout follower of Sif

Also included is Lorissa's sheet when she rages (watch out)

Then only thing not included is the magic-users owl familiar named Rassiter,

and the clerics "pet" psudeo-dragon, snaggletooth

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