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Star Wars Dawn of Defiance BRP Primer

About This File

This documents lists all the optional rules and suggested changes of the BRP rules to run the Dawn of Defiance Campaign. It can ofcourse be used by anyone who wants to run a Star Wars game with the BRP system.

Version 2

  • Streamlined the Primer
  • Added an Equipment List and descriptions.

Version 3

  • Added a missing section in Equipment List with equipment mentioned in the description text.
  • Added a Money and Wealth section.
  • Revised and corrected some item values.

Version 4

  • Revamped the Force section to now use both Psychic and Super Powers.

Version 5

  • Some editing on the Force section.
  • Added a section with guidelines how to use Miniatures and Maps for vehicle combat.

Version 6

  • Some very minor cosmetic changes.
  • Revised the Money and Wealth section.
  • Revised the Values of the equipment list. New system that gives better values.

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