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  1. Sure I don't have it all in my head at the moment but some of the big ones that I was the poorly proofread texts. They missed several pages in one of the kickstarter adventures. I also didn't like many of the changes like they replaced the stat STO (SIZ) with PER (Perception) for no apparent reason. Heck all the changes they made just didn't make any sense since neither of the changes didn't make the game any easier or more streamlined. In some cases it even made the game even clunkier. One example is that you are supposed to choose between two stances each round in combat (Offensive & Def
  2. No. Nothing have so far have gotten translated to English and I doubt it will in the foreseeable future. To be honest the game was very disappointing. It is still usable but they removed and added new things that made no sense at all and very poorly proofread texts that makes you think they rushed the product. BUT THE ART WAS GORGEOUS!. Many others in Sweden are of similar opinion as me, but I do know of several groups that despite the rules are running successful and entertaining games with Drakar och Demoner 2016 as it is called nowadays. But the company RiotMinds who released Drakar & D
  3. Actually it is already available but only through their online feature (haven't tried that myself). You can find it here Trudvang Chronicles. I would say Trudvang it is only very distant relative that has grown out of the old DoD Expert system. It uses d20 instead och d100 on skill rolls and they got rid of the Characteristics. Instead you get two positive traits and two negative traits that in areas that used to be the old characteristics (like STR, DEX and so on) that give a bonus or penalty on certain rolls and help with some skills. The new part is a kind of Talent trees that help fur
  4. Very good and very accurate I must say. It was first planned be a single adventure written by one of the now famous authors (at least in Sweden) from the old days during the height of the Drakar and Demoner period from the 80s. But because of the very successful kickstarter (that took everyone by surprise) it expanded into a full seafaring campaign where you explore Skymningshavet/Sea of Dusk and it's plentiful adventure locations. Can't wait to see how it turns out and the little I have seen from Anders Blixt's blog it is gonna be a very nice module that embraces both the old and new into a p
  5. Speaking of the devil. Riotminds just released a "work in progress" cover of the first adventure campaign to be released at the same time as the new retro Drakar och Demoner.
  6. I am so waiting for my Kickstarter copy and from what I have seen it is gonna be glorious! Plan to use this Retro Edition to introduce my nephew into the wonderful world of Drakar and Demoner. He is about the same age I was when I got started at 9-10 years old. At first we didn't even read through the rules we just used the numbers in the book to sort of created our own RPG. But within a year or so I knew the rules almost instinctively. And that is why I love the BRP system. It is just so easy. Even though nowadays I have moved on to RQ6/Mythras.
  7. No the three first editions where basically the same. This fourth printing is still the same as the ones before except with errata and some new artwork. The divergence came with the Expert rules that came -85. The Expert box where an optional add on that changed it from percentile dice to a d20 dice, tons of new skills and a hit location system similar to the one in RQ but much simpler. But it wasn't until -91 they incorporated the Expert rules and Core rules to each other. The core DoD box stayed the same until -91 and is still basically a translation of BRP with the Magic World booklet added
  8. Most of the characters from The Princess Bride. That of course include the R.O.U.S's despite not really being a character. I have always been fond of the characters from the 1982 TV Movie Ivanhoe. Especially the bad guys makes for some interesting characters. Legend also have some interesting characters. As for the non fantasy characters I would love to see some of the classics like Predator, Alien (already a version in the BRP book) and the big action heroes of the 80s like John Rambo, John Matrix (Commando), Terminator and so on.
  9. Aces High have a nice equipment list of weapons and general equipment available but the rest of the book is aimed mostly Weird West, despite that I have still found a lot of usable material for non-weird west. Mostly the equipment lists, very nice bestiary separating the natural and not so natural creatures from each other and the general world stuff like towns, weather, maps and such. Devil's Gulch is very usable even if you want to skip the Weird West part and only run regular Old West adventures. Not much info on equipment except some minor notes how to use the stuff in the BGB with som
  10. That was actually what I was leaning towards myself with the same thoughts you have. Of course there is some showoffs that try to to impress the ladies with that "nambypamby stuff". But we all know what happens as soon as they encounter a real gunslinger.
  11. I was just wondering. Sitting here and planning a new Weird West campaign but this time I decided to use Devil's Gulch+BGB as basis for the character creation. Ofcourse I will use Aces High to support the Weird West campaign. But what has come up is in which categories the new skills are? Anyone know this? It is mostly because I use the category modifier option and want to know which one to apply to the new skills. Animal Handling I was a bit divided between Mental and Physical but since Ride is already under Physical and I felt Animal Handling is more knowledge based so I will probably pu
  12. 229 downloads

    This is a RuneQuest conversion of the 0one Games adventure The Spirit of the White Wyvern. The previous version was for Legend but since I was making some corrections to the file I went all the way and updated it for RuneQuest 6th Edition. It is still highly usable with the previous Legend/MRQII games.
  13. I have that book and it's an excellent one. I don't think you will be disappointed. I was planning to use the scenarios for our Aces High (another weird west monograph) campaign but we never got to it and finished the campaign before we got to use Devil's Gulch. But Devil's Gulch will probably be the starting point for our next weird west campaign when that starts. I does describe a town and two scenarios. But the first part of the book does contain a very nice description and suggestions on how to use the BRP rules for a Wild West or Weird West campaign with some new professions added in as
  14. 402 downloads

    Here is a character sheet that I whipped up to use for the Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance campaign that I am currently working on converting to BRP.
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