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  1. Sure I don't have it all in my head at the moment but some of the big ones that I was the poorly proofread texts. They missed several pages in one of the kickstarter adventures. I also didn't like many of the changes like they replaced the stat STO (SIZ) with PER (Perception) for no apparent reason. Heck all the changes they made just didn't make any sense since neither of the changes didn't make the game any easier or more streamlined. In some cases it even made the game even clunkier. One example is that you are supposed to choose between two stances each round in combat (Offensive & Defensive stance). In theory the stance idea is a good one but in play it made the combats come to a screeching halt and actually become boring. Same that the damages on weapons are only d6s (between 1 to 3d6) and besides the damage and weight there was not anything to differentiate between different weapons like AP/HP or anything like that. Don't get me started on the poorly written encumbrance rules (they did a very poor fix in the errata)? Overall it felt like a rushed product that could have used some more rounds of game testing and proofreading before being rushed out. They launched a new kickstarter on an old Swedish campaign world called Ereb Altor but reading about it you realize that it really doesn't have much to do with the old setting but instead is a new one called Kaldarox. And in this one they seemed to promise to change a lot of the broken stuff from DoD2016 but since product haven't been released we don't know what we get. From what I can see the the new Ruin Masters is gonna use this new setting (Caldarox in English) but other than that I don't know how much it will contain from either DoD2016 or Ereb Altor. But since the thing that pissed most people off is that they promised to make a cleaned up reprint of the old DoD edition (Basically the same as Worlds of Wonder with the Magic World booklet) from 1987 but instead we got a new poorly proofread game with new clunky rules that didn't make much sense. Because of this I am waiting for the finished product before I give them any of my money and avoiding their Kickstarter.
  2. No. Nothing have so far have gotten translated to English and I doubt it will in the foreseeable future. To be honest the game was very disappointing. It is still usable but they removed and added new things that made no sense at all and very poorly proofread texts that makes you think they rushed the product. BUT THE ART WAS GORGEOUS!. Many others in Sweden are of similar opinion as me, but I do know of several groups that despite the rules are running successful and entertaining games with Drakar och Demoner 2016 as it is called nowadays. But the company RiotMinds who released Drakar & Demoner 2016 have released their other games in English. Especially Trudvang Chronicles is a very nice setting and the game is distantly related to DoD and BRP with tons of gorgeous art (as most of their products are). Even though I don't like the rules in Trudvang Chronicles to much. The rules are not bad but they just don't cater to my taste so I usually use another ruleset of my own taste in the setting. Been thinking about using Mythras for it next time. But have to sit down and see if I can capture the feel of the magic and religions of the Trudvang world (shouldn't be to hard by creating Cults and Brotherhoods for the setting).
  3. Yes each template has it's own page with a picture and description on the same page. Edit: They have actually released some of the Career Templates to show of how they look like. Here is one: http://www.speltidningen.se/western/pdf/WE4_Bounty_Hunter.pdf That is one of the most interesting unique aspects of Western that has been around since the first edition that everyone seem to love. Only change from previous edition is that the template is slightly oval in shape than before where it was just a plain circle.
  4. Another swedish RPG on kickstarter. This game has been around a long time and is now on it's 4th Edition. It started as a BRP clone with some interesting new rules bolted on but during the years it has deviated more and more from the BRP core. But it is still there. I highly recommend this game, and recently bought the Swedish books myself and I must say that the books are gorgeous with the new art from Lucas Thelin. A very solid game for people who want to explore the Wild West in all it's incarnations. If you join the Facebook group you can even talk to one of the creators of this game who is a very active member.
  5. Well I haven't run OpenQuest myself but I do have the OpenQuest 1 pdf. I have only read through OpenQuest 2 Basic Edition and not the full rules but from what I have seen the same applies for that edition too. I would say from what I have seen the conversion needed is minimal if you even have to do any. All the rules comes from the same family of OGL rules. OpenQuest is just more slimmed down for easier play but you should be able to run most stuff without converting or just do the minimal converting that might be needed on the fly.
  6. Well I must say even I was suprised how successful the Kickstarter became. And good thing is that they already have a wealth of finished modules that just need to be translated so I am sure there will be plenty of stuff coming for the game in English. I am sure the ones who backed this will not be unhappy with what they get. Even I got very inspired by the Kickstarter so I am actually thinking of dusting of my Swedish Trudvang box and kick off a campaign.
  7. I am sorry I have taken so long to reply. Been away on a trip to Ireland and just came home tonight. Experience is quite easy. You earn Experience Points each session/adventure that you can use to raise skills or buy a new "feat" type ability. The higher a skill are the more expensive it becomes. No improvement rolls. It is about as detailed as BRP with the Hit Locations bolted on and takes about the same time. The Combat Point system is actually quite easy. Let's say you have a pool of 25 combat points from the skill and abilities. When it is your turn lets say you take 13 points to make an attack with skill value 13 you roll against with your d20. On the opponents round he attacks you and you decide to place the rest of your 12 points from the pool to parry the attack with a skill value of 12. It's not more complicated than that but opens up the option to make a few attacks/parries with a high chance of success on each skill roll or make a lot of attacks/parries with a low chance of success on each skill roll. As mentioned earlier. I would say it is about the same level of deadliness as BRP/RQ. The simple answer would be yes. But I would say that they have used Christianity as base for the religion but bolted on enough of new stuff to make it quite unique for the world of Trudvang.
  8. It has been mentioned before about the swedish game Drakar och Demoner Trudvang getting published in english. And it did but only through their online feature. But now it is finally coming in printed format! It is one of the best campaign worlds IMHO and highly recommended. Trudvang Chronicles
  9. Actually it is already available but only through their online feature (haven't tried that myself). You can find it here Trudvang Chronicles. I would say Trudvang it is only very distant relative that has grown out of the old DoD Expert system. It uses d20 instead och d100 on skill rolls and they got rid of the Characteristics. Instead you get two positive traits and two negative traits that in areas that used to be the old characteristics (like STR, DEX and so on) that give a bonus or penalty on certain rolls and help with some skills. The new part is a kind of Talent trees that help further define your character and granting abilities and give bonuses to certain skills. It as been a while since I played Trudvang myself. Usually I just steal the world and use BRP, RQ6 or Rolemaster for the rules instead.
  10. Very good and very accurate I must say. It was first planned be a single adventure written by one of the now famous authors (at least in Sweden) from the old days during the height of the Drakar and Demoner period from the 80s. But because of the very successful kickstarter (that took everyone by surprise) it expanded into a full seafaring campaign where you explore Skymningshavet/Sea of Dusk and it's plentiful adventure locations. Can't wait to see how it turns out and the little I have seen from Anders Blixt's blog it is gonna be a very nice module that embraces both the old and new into a perfect blend. :-)
  11. Speaking of the devil. Riotminds just released a "work in progress" cover of the first adventure campaign to be released at the same time as the new retro Drakar och Demoner.
  12. I am so waiting for my Kickstarter copy and from what I have seen it is gonna be glorious! Plan to use this Retro Edition to introduce my nephew into the wonderful world of Drakar and Demoner. He is about the same age I was when I got started at 9-10 years old. At first we didn't even read through the rules we just used the numbers in the book to sort of created our own RPG. But within a year or so I knew the rules almost instinctively. And that is why I love the BRP system. It is just so easy. Even though nowadays I have moved on to RQ6/Mythras.
  13. I have used SR system for Firearms in our Aces High campaign I ran a while back and it worked without a hitch. While it did work I do prefer the simpler DEX system. The SR for the firearms in the BGB as mentioned is very inconsistent. Especially when compared to the Atk value used in the Dex system. Aces High do contain their own weapon list so it doesn't use the weapons in BGB so many of the inconsistencies have been corrected, but on the other hand that list have other errors (not sure if it is corrected in the later editions) but I know Stuart uploaded a new list here in the download section ages ago that have much better stats with less errors that might be worth checking out for examples.
  14. No the three first editions where basically the same. This fourth printing is still the same as the ones before except with errata and some new artwork. The divergence came with the Expert rules that came -85. The Expert box where an optional add on that changed it from percentile dice to a d20 dice, tons of new skills and a hit location system similar to the one in RQ but much simpler. But it wasn't until -91 they incorporated the Expert rules and Core rules to each other. The core DoD box stayed the same until -91 and is still basically a translation of BRP with the Magic World booklet added. This was what I was hoping that the MW from Chaosium would have turned out. But it is interesting to see how Chaosium is sort of putting BRP/MW on the backburner and Riotmind instead trying to kickstart it and bring it back to its greatness (at least in Sweden). Maybe they should collaborate and pass the torch to Riotminds so they also could do and English version. As I swede I have of course already thrown in 600kr (ca $71-72) in the backing for this since it is such a huge part of my childhood and now it is time to introduce it to a new generation.
  15. Ahh! Forgot about the Fate Points. Yeah those would help a lot without having to change much of the rules. Used those in my BRP Star Wars hack available here on BRP Central.
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