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Waning Stars 1.0.2

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About This File

My Fading Suns to BRP Document is dead, Long Live Waning Stars! I removed the offending copyrighted images, the BRP Logo, tweaked all of the alien race's names as well as adding Chaosium's Fan Material Notice at the end of the document.

I added two new sections to the document that I've been meaning to do:

- Rules for Rulers, a 3 page section that contains rules to facilitate the actions of larger organizations that the PCs may or may not control

- Foes and Fiends, a 6 page section that contains an assortment of premade stats for use in games.

I also keep the Fading Suns document up to date as well. If you want to get the pdf for that you can PM me.

Edited by KPhan2121

What's New in Version 1.0.2



  • Adding more races
  •  General changes to the rules to make them work more like BRP
  • Add more melee weapons and melee weapon upgrades
    • Changed how some of the upgrades worked
  • Slight changes to Artifact Melee Weapons, mostly to Wire Blades
  • Add some new slug guns
  • Added some new energy guns
  • Added Explosives in a new box
  • Added Artifact Guns
    • Moved some of the energy guns into Artifact Guns
  • Added new ammunition to accommodate new guns
  • Separate Primitive and Advanced Armors
  • Added some new Advanced Armors
  •  Changed how Energy Shields worked to better reflect BRP rules
    • Changed Burn Out rules to require less rolling
    • Change Slip Past Shields to having Shield Fighting Martial Arts
  • Changed some of the Psychic Powers and Church Rituals that general a shield effect to match the new changes.
  • Add reference for Summoning Demons
  • Changed some of the weapons for NPCs in Foes and Fiends
  • Fixed some mistakes
  • Forgot to add Bookmarks to the PDF.
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