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  1. Yes combining them .. . I haVe both stormbringer 1 and stormbringer broken into 3 books it looks to me like chargen are the same in both versions... how would doing this be more like 1e.?
  2. So having recently acquired Stormbringer 3e and Elric, it’s clear to me I generally like 3e better (as I’m not really a fan of magic for all in the stormbringer universe). I do like Elrics char gen a bit more. I’m thinking of merging the 2 (and I generally like higher powered characters for my players). My current plan is to use the bones of the stormbringer char gen but change characteristic generation to 2d6+6 with characters choosing where to place the numbers, choosing nationality and class, plus adding the step in Elric where you choose your approach and add 20 to 13 skills. While leaving most everything else the same. thoughts?
  3. mal

    Best Supplements

    Thanks for the advice guys! Keep it coming... any thoughts on the two part adventure: The Stealer of Souls, and Black Sword.
  4. Revisiting the world of Elric for the first time since high school (1976-1980) YIKES! Anyhow thinking of trying a game of Stormbringer or Elric with my gang. We're big CoC players and occasional RuneQuestors... I've picked up Stormbringer (1st or 2nd edition - it's a slim box with 2101-X) but it hasn't arrived in the mail yet. Looking through the list of supplements I'm wonder what folks suggest are the best options to try to pick up (wow these guys are rare - very few on ebay and quite pricey...) Here's the complete list below. Any suggestions on the best bets would be appreciated. Already have the companion and Hawkmoon on there way as well.
  5. Hi I’m just rereading my Elric books, and I’m thinking of starting a game. Can someone point out the differences between the various editions? Also I’m not quite sure on what versions 1 - 3 are. I thought the books in the boxed sets before the split into 3 books anyway were actually the same...
  6. Thanks jajagappa! This was a really helpful breakdown. Since I really love the rebel aspect of the time period, it sounds like Company of the Dragon might be the way to go for me... but it also sounds like it would be really fun to run them with 2 groups and bring them together at the dragonrise! (As if I could actually have 2 groups)
  7. I’d love to see people who have both compare and contrast company of the dragon with eleven lights ... I’m not concerned about the RQ HQ thing. I can create stats for HQ senarios if I want to run them in RQ or just run it in HQ as I’m one of the strange ones who like both systems fairly equally!
  8. that seems more promising than i thought! I have my fingers crossed that it sees the light of day!
  9. I think this might be what Greg read from at RQCon Baltimore back in the 90s... and since I was there it makes it particularly appealing to me.
  10. well i may still go for the Arkat and the 2 Harmast documents if I can work something out with the seller. I'm thinking about it seriously ... the stuff on the west doesn't interest me as much so I'd not likely go that high for it...
  11. Hello - Just wandering around on ebay and I found this and other items from the same seller: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Glorantha-THE-ENCYCLOPEDIA-OF-SESHNELA-by-Greg-Stafford-UNIQUE-MATERIAL/274751225044?hash=item3ff872fcd4:g:ciAAAOSwTAVgbxWl Glorantha THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SESHNELA by Greg Stafford UNIQUE MATERIAL I'm wondering if anyone knows what these documents are. And if someone could give me some info on them. Were they super special items from the Guide kickstarter or the RQ2 reprint kickstarter? That's the only thing I can think of...
  12. Hey guys - anyone know if the HeroQuest supplement Dragonrise is still coming? I know we've moved on to post Dragonrise in RQ, but I'm still hoping this is still in the pipeline. I do kind of doubt it though as we'd probably have to wait for HQ to be redone as QuestWorld and then a Glorantha supplement for that which i kind of doubt is going to happen. I do have Andrew Montgomery's excellent Company of the Dragon which covers similar territory but I've been waiting an awfully long time for an official Dragonrise, and if it's not coming I'll be sad...
  13. HEY GUYS, just checking in to see what's up next for RQ... I've got everything that's out so far, but I'm wondering what the next few releases might look like!
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