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    Took a 15 year hiatus, not sure why as TTRPG's have always been a love of mine. Before I stepped away I played TMNT & Other Strangeness and the majority of other Palladium titles, as well as AD&D 2nd Ed. and 3.5. I also dabbled in MERP, which spawned a love of percentile based TTRPG's. Been a player and a GM in those mentioned above. I love to read TTRPG core rule books and have many I have read or am in the process of reading. I enjoy mish mashing parts of systems I like into my games.
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    Cypher System based games, as well as Barebones Fantasy, and now that I have discovered BRP it has become my focus.
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    Wyoming, USA.
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    I am an easy going 40 something with a lack of motivation and AADD, who tries like hell to focus on the hobby he enjoys and the family he loves.

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  1. @Atgxtg, in your opinion which of the Chaosium fantasy settings, embracing my low to mid fantasy wants, would be most beneficial for me to start with?
  2. I have always had a soft spot for percentile based RPG's. I am amazed that I am just now finding BRP. I am reading and rereading sections of the book and loving what I am seeing. My question to all you more experienced folks is: Besides the basic rules, what optional rules/subsystems are you using, and why? Also, if it helps or makes a difference to my question, I will be running low to mid fantasy style games. I will thank all of you who read and/or respond to this post now, and let you all know anything you share will be greatly appreciated.
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