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  1. Yeah i know about the Oriflam's editions. I already get some like "Noblesse oblige" et "Chevaliers aventureux". But i'm not so sure about trying to get all the stuff if the 6th edition will be release soon. I mean buying each stuff one by one, will cost me probably the same thing than the kickstater. So i wanted to know if someone know about a next french edition, a release date and a name about the company who will publish it. I hope that will be soon 😃 Bon jeu à tous
  2. Hello to you, First of all, sorry for my English whose is not the best, but yeah i try to work on it. Since a couple of years, we started a table of Pendragon, i knew only by name, but not really play it, but love at first sight can happen ! And here i am today, asking if there any news about this 6th edition ? Let me explain, i live in France, and the last crowdfunding had some issues (and it's complicated to find some books), so i wanted to know if there is anyone who's gonna continue it ? And let's be crazy, if someone has a release date ? i have only heard about ne
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