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  1. Thanks Mike.......I did look at the errata update; this item wasn't mentioned....the update .pdf still says June 2020. I do find it a bit odd that a document would be renamed v2, rather than 1.1 or such, just for a legalese update as it seems misleading to me, making me anticipate considerable changes throughout.
  2. Hi, that's the only thing I noted on quick look. I hate it when firms do this with no notes as to what was changed. Thanks for the reply
  3. Hi Folks, Any idea how I find out what has changed between v2 and v1? Is there a list of updates, because I can't find one, and I don't fancy going through them page by page to see if I can spot changes, nor do I want to reprint the .pdf for what might be just a few changes. Thanks in advance.
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