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    Discovered role playing games when I was five or six and I have never loved any one thing more since.
    I'm a GM first and foremost, player a distant second.

    Loves to plan, construct, create and read about fictional worlds and stories.
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    Running Geist: the Sin-Eaters (1st edition)
    Planning: Glorantha, possibly with the Paleomythic ruleset.
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    Thirty and change years old.
    Studying programming at the moment.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for all the great responses everyone! I'm unfortunately quite slow at answering on forums, so it will most likely be some time before I've answered all of you. But please don't take that as a sign of impoliteness, I'm going to respond to all of you. One thing that I thought might be best to deal with now: I'm actually quite interested in discussing and hearing others reasoning about Rathori, the White Bear and the White Bear Empire. And I love talking about demographics and warfare! But maybe those questions could become their own thread so as not to derail from the other, simpler, questions that I have in this thread? @Eff, @French Desperate WindChild, @g33k, @metcalph are any of you interested in starting a new thread and talking about how you view of how the White Bear Empires' invasion played out?
  2. Hi, I've been reading my way through my copy of "the Guide to Glorantha" for a few weeks. A lot of it seems great and I'm amazed over how fresh and original a lot of it seems despite how many years ago it was first written. However, I have a few questions and I figured that I should just ask them since I haven't been able to find any clear answers. Since some of these might be quite basic I thought it would be better for me to put them all into one post rather than doing a post per question. I'm well aware that "your Glorantha may vary" but I still want to know if something has been said about these things before I start trying to decide what might need to change. So, my questions: 1) I'm currently sketching on a campaign originating in Northern Fronela so most of my questions are about that area, if anyone could recommend any books or articles that goes into that part of the world I'd appreciate it! 2) If I've understood it correctly a hero named Snodal kills a god, the God of Silver Feet to be more precise, in order to create the Syndic Ban. I assumed that he did so in order to stop the White Bear Empire from invading more of Fronela, but it doesn't actually say so explicitly anywhere, so am I wrong? 3) Why was the Telmori cursed by the hero Talor to become wolf monsters? Anywhere I can read more about this? 4) How many per cent of Hsunchen can transform into their totem animal would you say? 50 per cent? 5 percent? Less? Because according to "the Guide to Glorantha" there is one million Rathori in Fronela, meaning that if every adult among them can turn into a bear that would go a long way towards explaining why the White Bear Empire seemed so threatening. 5) Where can I read more about the Hsunchen? Especially the Uncolings since I plan on having all of the player characters be members of that clan (or at least member-adjacent). Thanks in advance for any help I can get guys!
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