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  1. I think personally I would want bronze = bronze. It's heavy, and it's a little soft. One rough fight and you're sword is bent, and you've got to find a couple flat rocks to pound it back into shape. Tempering, pattern welding, shaping and folding...these are alien concepts. Once the bronze cools in the mold it's as strong as it's ever going to be. Iron and steel are bizarre based on what everyone knows about metal. It takes astonishing amounts of heat to melt, far more than anything you know of can generate. It's hard, and it's strong, and it's strangely flexible. It also rots if you don'
  2. Hero (the aeolipile guy) was working on designs for windmills in first century AD. All this thinking about Bronze Age technology led me down the rabbit hole, and ended with me spending most of my morning reading about the development of textiles in antiquity.
  3. First off, thanks for all the answers. I didn't quite expect so many responses to what I thought was a pretty innocent question! re: The Greatsword Thing-from my admittedly limited research it seems like we don't see evidence of bronze swords of more than about 100cm, and most are 60-70. The one one bronzeworker who I heard comments from said that the 'leaf swords' which we find in abundance were near the limits of bronze's mechanical strength. I'm sure magic would let you make more impressive weapons, and in a magic-pervasive world it's certainly reasonable, but it would probably
  4. I'm really new to Runequest, and still trying to get my head around the setting. One of the things that's giving me some trouble is understanding the technology level of Glorantha. I know it's 'Bronze Age', but I also see a lot of things that would be anachronisms-heavy horse, two-handed swords, crossbows, heck some of those clothes dyes probably wouldn't have been around until the 19th century! I'm as ready to accept differences in the march of science in a magical world as anybody, I'm just curious if there's somewhere to start so I know what is and is not available in this world. Thanks in
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