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    The first RPG book I owned was Holmes Basic D&D, but the first I played regularly was AD&D. I also played Tunnels & Trolls, DragonQuest, RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, GURPS, Elric!, Stormbringer, and many others.
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    Savage Worlds, Labyrinth Lord, Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e, Frontiers of Alusia
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    United States
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    I'm a computer programmer living in north-central West Virginia.
  1. tkurtbond

    Enchanting for OpenQuest

    Has anybody done an adaptation of Enchanting for OpenQuest? I've seen the version for MRQ1 (originally in the RuneQuest Companion, but available in the RuneQuest Luxury SRD pdf), and of course the original version in RQ3 in the "Ritual Magic" chapter, which seems more comprehensive than the MRQ1 version. I'm thinking about things like the Sun Dome Temple's complex magical defenses in Sun County, for example.