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  1. I'm getting ready to start up a C & C game, and while making some visual handouts for the players (none of whom have played in the setting before), I came across some notable inconsistencies in the faction alliances. Frequently, one faction will list another as an ally or enemy, but the other faction does not reciprocate the feeling. Adamites, for example, list 3 other factions as allies - none of whom return the feeling. They also list 3 other factions as enemies - none of whom return the feeling. I guess you could look at it as who the faction feels are it's staunchest supporters and most threatening enemies, and so nobody really cares about the Adamites except for the Adamites. Is that the intended circumstance? It seems that many of the factions have enemies who consider someone else to be their enemy. Rather than factions that are enemies with each other, we have this whole daisy chain of "I hate them! (But don't care about the people that hate me!)"
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