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  1. That's the stuff that made me describe it as "gonzo", the story definitely pushes the limits.
  2. I haven't played or run the adventure but I have read the book. Really cool story, super gonzo crazy plot line. I have always wanted to run this, or even convert it to another system and run it.
  3. Sure I'll post something. Here are a few ideas I'm starting with. The city is divided in two sections, separated by a fortified wall. One section is the city proper. Behind the wall is the drow area. There are lots of slaves. Mostly gnomes, and dwarves. There are not many humans. Humans don't do well underground for long lengths of time. The main city would be mostly made of stone. The law level is low. It's illegal to assault drow, but anything else is not a big deal. Drow mostly stay in their region, though they occasionally slum it in the city, or come down to buy more slaves. You might see mind flayers, githyanki, and undead wandering around. I had this idea that disputes were handled by a temple of justice. Essentially, any two parties with a dispute would enter a hall full of doors. A masked judge would listen to a statement from each side, then instruct them to enter one of the many doors. Where justice would be administered. Through a door anything could happen. They might find themselves outside, they might have to fight a beast, they might meet the opposing party in the dispute. The results would be totally random. I was thinking of a scenario involving a temple of the Void. This is a long narrow hall with large impossibly black circle on the far wall. They teach a nihilistic religion based on dark gods of chaos. Worshippers often cast things, sometimes themselves, into this black hole in the wall. The city is on the edge of a huge underground lake. There is an aboleth swimming in the lake, and a large underwater temple at the bottom. On one side of the lake are some huge caverns with a dense forest of mushrooms, and a wizards tower, the workshop of telescopes, perched on rock spire. On the other side of the lake is a Kua-Toa Temple. I'm trying to fit in as many obscure rock music references as a I can. Expect to meet the Harvester of Eyes, Children of the Grave, Flaming Telepaths, Fire of Unknown Origin...
  4. I like me a good dungeon crawl. I like other stuff also. I've been trying to put together an underground drow city. It would be a city full of monsters, Drow, necromancers, Kua-Toa, Mindflayers, a sort of anything is possible zone. I see drow like Melnibonéans. Drugged up, powerful sorcerer fighters, making deals with demons. I had the idea that this place would be a nexus for other other planes. The drow would need a constant supply of slaves. Everyone else would have connection to other dimensions, and a place to exercise their dark rituals. This is all D&D centric, because this is what I'm playng at the moment. But, it all could fit Stormbringer nicely, if it doesn't get caught up in cannon.
  5. I really like the idea idea of demon magic. Though I really haven't had the chance to play. I played a lot of D&D, and some RuneQuest, and other games. I think we played a session or two of the first edition Stormbringer way back when. I'd really like to do a Swords and Sorcery campaign without being married to the Elric setting. Just taking all of the things I like, like demon magic, and other dimensions, and just having fun with it.
  6. I love the idea of Maria De Tres Pistolas. The art on the cover makes her look like Rick James crossed with Janet Jackson, and the frilly flamenco dress seems a little impractical. Spoiler alert.... I love the idea that her sister is involved with the campaign as one of the protagonists. The interplay between these two characters in the plot sounds really fun.
  7. I've had Rogue Mistress for years. I think I bought it in the late 80s early 90s. I've never run it. The ideas were so cool, I bought it just for inspiration. I feel like I could do something with it in any gaming system. I was a big fan of the Arduin Grimoire when first start playing D&D. You can't really use the stuff in the books directly. But the material is gonzo crazy it really inspires the kind of role playing I enjoy. Plus the books have some cool Erol Otus art from before he started working at TSR.
  8. I had the idea that I might include this in a game. I'm working on an underground drow city. It's on the edge of this huge underground lake. I thought it would be cool if a boat sailed up one day. Which works if the boat is the Rogue Mistress.
  9. Thanks! I had read this some years ago, and just thought of it again, and was looking through all of my books, and couldn't find it. It was driving me nuts! I remember the idea being kinda cool. I always wanted to run Rogue Mistress, and though this would be a cool way to start the campaign.
  10. I seem to remember reading a scenerio, where the players come be owners of an inn. It later turns out that the inn is owned by Maria Tres Pistolas, of Rogue Misstress fame. I've been looking through all of my books and I can't seem to find this particalar scenerio. It's driving me nuts.
  11. I have some of the older Stormbringer/Elric! Supplements and the Stormbringer 5 rules. Can anyone provide some tips on converting the older stuff to Stormbringer 5? For example Stormbringer 5 rates armor with dice for example 1d8+1, where the older versions seem to list armor as a number. Also damage bonuses seem higher. For example, I see some characters with demon weapons that provide 3d6 damage bonus, which seems pretty high.
  12. Can a player use a rap on to parry an attack with a natural weapon? For example guy with sword is attacked by a wolf. Does guy get to parry a bite attack?
  13. I have been cleaning up and found I had two copies of the Ringworld RPG. I have posted the better copy to Ebay. It's in pretty good shape and includes the box and original dice. It should be complete I have the cardboard character cutouts and reference sheets. Ringworld Chaosium Runequest RPG - eBay (item 330266084317 end time Sep-07-08 09:58:56 PDT)
  14. 10 apparently, but with this message I am one closer...
  15. No worries Frank. I'm sure it's got stuff in it, I'll have to read it at some point. Funny thing is, my name is Mitchell also.
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