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  1. Thanks everyone, great stuff. FWIW, I think I will drop the clan issues with homosexualtiy as it doesnt seem to fit at all. And I will move the resistance to female warriors from being a clan heritage thing to being a personal issue of the new clan chief.
  2. Hi, Im going to run a dragon pass campaign where the players are Heortling refugees going to settle there. I know that there is a viking-like tradition of women fighters with Orlanthi, but Im wondering if that is 100% the case? Also, what are the attitudes to homosexuality in a clan? Would it be too far from canon to have a clan that was historically against female warriors and against homosexual relationships? I ask because it could be a nice source of friction within the a clan. Not as the main focus, but as one of the things going on that could come to a head over time.
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