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  1. It just doesn't seem quite fair in some ways that the male adventurers get to spread it around with random rolls in the downtime tables, which is part of why I brought this up here. It's just that having a little more guidance might be nice, even if in the form of a sidebar stating part of what you've written above. That said, I'm definitely interested in seeing how your blog goes, and I'll point my wife at it, too. Thanks!
  2. Why not? Monte Cook games handled it for Numenera in a very mature and respectable way, something Chaosium seems to understand. As important as family is being made out to be in the new Runequest, it seems like they've put themselves into a position where they have to address it. I really don't understand the reluctance nowadays. During the 80s, sure, but not now.
  3. The downtime rules mention male adventurers potentially having children by wives and others they may have had contact with if they wish. However, I have not been able to find anything on female adventurers having children. Considering that a requirement of becoming an Ernaldan priestess is to give birth to a healthy child, this seems to be a major oversight. Are there any guidelines for pregnancy for female adventurers? (Wife is playing an Ernaldan with aspirations in a game I'm running, so this might be important). Thanks!
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