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  1. Thank you all for you answer. I'M working on a document where I can put all the spells by domain (I'M running a Warhammer kind of game (mixting Hârn with Warhammer). When I'll finish the document, I'll give it to all of you...if you want it. I download so much of your documents (and Thank you to Akerbakk for his wonderfull document)
  2. I asked because HERO GAME (with the Hero System) did that with the HERO SYSTEM GRIMOIRE. I tought may there is an euivalent for BRP. Thank you for your answer :-)
  3. Hello, I'm warning you..I speak french. So, I'll do my best in English :-) I'm pretty new to the BRP system. I love it. But for MAGIC, there is a lot of spells in a lot of document. Is there a document where we can have all the spells that exist in the BRP system? All spells in one document? I found, in this forum, that a GRIMOIRE MONAGRAPH was a finished project...but I did not find it. I would like to make easier the searching for all those different kind of magic system for my player...espacially those who want to play a a character with the Magic skill. Thank yoy for your help :-)
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