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  1. Thanks for the support & answers everyone, and especially you, Mike Mason, for typing your answer twice. I've got a better idea now.
  2. Hi, my name is CJ Leung. I am creating an animated video tutorial for 7th Ed Call of Cthulhu on youtube. As I’m writing the script for the firearm episode, I am having trouble understanding some of the rules 100%, and I would really appreciate if some people would be willing to help. FIGHTING BACK (Firearm Attacks => Melee): In page 108 of the rulebook, it says that a character within DEX/5 of an attacker using ranged weapons, can fight back against the attacker, as long as the attacker is using a ranged (missile) or thrown weapon. Give the context, does it mean that missile weapons are projectile weapons that are not guns, or does it also include guns? What are missile weapons specifically? Bows & arrows, slings crossbows? (p.108) FIGHTING BACK (Melee Attacks => Firearm): When an enemy attacks an investigator, can the investigator fightback with his firearm, or the fight back option can only be done with Fighting skills, as written in page 103? HALF DAMAGE BONUS Many thrown & missile weapons deals extra half db. How is half db calculated? Do I treat 1d4 as 1d2 or do I just halve the result and round it? Should it be rounded up or down? Because if it is rounded down, it would produce the uneven result of (1, 1, 1 & 2) for a d4 dice. If the result is rounded it up, then it would produce a result similar to halving the dice size. So what is the official ruling on this? Also how is half negative db treated? I assume that -2 becomes -1, but how about half of -1? Does it get rounded down to -1 or rounded up to 0? ARMOR The armor points rule is easy to understand when it comes to armor that covers a significant part of the body. But does piecemeal armor like the WW1 helmet (2 pts) work for any received damage since there are no targetable body parts in CoC?. This feels silly, but do we just suspend disbelief for the sake of simplicity? FULL MOVEMENT SPEED In page 113 of the rulebook, it says that shooting at a target (MOV 8+) that’s moving at a full speed gets penalty die. What constitutes as moving at full speed? Can an investigator attack and move at full speed at the same time? Thus benefiting from the penalty die at all time as long as his MOV is 8 and above?
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