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  1. I was looking through the CoC 7th ed. quick start and I thought there were a lot of really interesting ideas in there. I was wondering if anyone has thought about, or actually integrated any of the mechanics into their magic world game. Specifically I'm thinking of adding the Hard Success level. As well as throwing in the fighting back option. Slightly more leery of, but still interested in, adopting the simplified maneuver system from the quick start as well as the use of bonus and penalty dice, particularly for being outnumbered. Just curious if anyone else has messed around with any of this and how it might/did affect the game.
  2. So let me see if I'm getting this right. Avoidance is instant, which means once it is cast the spell itself is spent, so the effect will last indefinitely until it is triggered, rather than the normal 10 minutes, and cannot be dispelled in the meantime. (I take it you read Avoidance to read that the attacks must occur within the same round, not literally at once as the text states.) Counter-Defense is not instant meaning it has a duration of 10 minutes, activated or not, it can be dispelled, and will continue to give you an extra defense every round until the duration runs its course. (Although, I'll be honest, fires off implies to me that it's a one time thing, not something that can repeat itself for a 10 minute duration, same with Counter-Attack). As for Flying Kick, I'm afraid I don't see the correlation between instant spells and not being non-variable. Dragon's Breath is both non-variable and instant. Also, the spell says how far the caster 'flies', so I'm not sure that's a good reason for it to not be instant. Actually, if I'm following the string of logic being laid out here, then as written it has a duration of 10 minutes and during that time you can make a jump kick every round for your movement, which would also mean that you get a free attack unarmed attack every round on top of a regular attack since it's part of your movement, which is actually pretty cool. However, if that's the case, it is no way clear. I'm pretty new to BRP and Openquest, but based on the text of the book I've got to disagree with you about Fist of the Wind and Multi-Attack. They say you get 1 extra attack per magnitude, not one extra attack per magnitude per round. Also, they're instant, which would imply the spell itself doesn't last and thus can't have a duration, and I'll be honest, it would be an awful low power point cost for violating the action economy so severely for 10 minutes. Maybe I'm just being thick, but I think the battle magic section of the rules has a real clarity issue.
  3. Hey, I bought the new version of Openquest and a couple things jumped out at me. I assume if I post them here the author will see them. -Under Call spirit, the section on binding spirits seems to be missing some text. -I couldn't find it specified, to resist magic is opposed, unopposed, handled like an attack and dodge? -There doesn't seem to be an explanation of the relationship skill. -I'm unclear on the instant spell trait. Do instant spells not have a cast time? Are they cast in reaction. Do they leave no ongoing effect that can be dispelled? For instance Avoidance says it is instant, but then describes itself as lying dormant implying it has to be cast ahead of time, also when it says all multiply charges all fire off at once does that just mean you have they have to be used before the end of the round or literally at that initiative count (that seems like a real corner case, but also seems to be how it's written). Why is Avoidance instant, but not Count-Attack or Counter-Defense, they seem really similar? -Flying Kick, the kick attack is just a regular unarmed attack, i.e. there's no difference between a kick and a punch? Shouldn't this be instant? -Fist of the Wind/Multi-Attack, use dex or int for casting time? Do they have a casting time, because I assume you get your regular attack that a spell would normally take the place of.
  4. Oni


    I'm flipping back through the pdf of Magic World, because I'm thinking about running some flavor of BRP (which I have no experience with beyond reading through a few different versions) and I noticed the Wrack spell 1) seemed really terrible, and 2) raised some general rules questions for me. 1) It says it's a touch spell, how are those resolved? Does the caster have to roll something? Does the defender get a defense roll on top of the resistance roll? 2) Can the caster move while casting spells, or is the poor sorcerer attempting to cast Wrack stuck in melee the entire time? 3) Can someone casting a spell make a defense roll? If they do will they lose the spell? 4) Do touch spells hold as a charge, or can the target simply step back from you and spoil your spell? 5) I'm assuming it ignores armor, but the damage seems quite low for the apparent hoops you have to go through to cast it. Is it as terrible a spell as it seems?
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