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  1. I was looking to play/run a BRP game using the Aces High supplement, a weird west setting. Would you recommend sticking to the rules as stated in the BRP book relating to the Strike Rank system or some other version of it from a previous game?
  2. Thank you for the response. That helps a lot I wanted to make sure I was not missing something.
  3. Hello, I am new to BRP and have been going over the rules. I am a little confused in the Strike Rank System when it comes to moving and attacking. Is there an option to "Charge" an opponent? I understand that a human can move 3m per strike rank starting on his DEX SR. So for instance if a human wanted to move 15m and attack he would start moving on SR 2 end movement on SR 6 and then between size SR and weapon SR need at least 3 or less to attack that round. Would there be a way to combine his last move with an attack to possibly "gain" an extra SR? My main problem is with
  4. That helps a lot. For some reason I was under the impression that if you move at all beyond 5m you can not attack. This makes much more sense now. However, the way I read it on page 190 under Move and page 181 under Movement Rates is a character with base 10 move/meters is walking and in combat a character can run at 30m as his/her action. They could also move at half (6-15m) and act at half dex. Another question I have though is what about Strike Ranks. Does the speed of the character/animal change how many meters they can move per strike rank. A human with move rate of 10
  5. Thanks for the example. sorry I missed it before. If Bob is using a Heavy Pistol from BRP and John is using a Light Pistol from BRP A missile attack is made at the attackers DEX Rank only. Thats why Bob and John shoot on Strike Rank 3. After that do they always get another attack 3 strike ranks away or is that based of the DEX rank. For example if Bob has 16 DEX he would shoot on Strike Rank 2 would he shoot again on Strike Rank 4, 6, 8, 10 or on 2, 5, 8? Strike Rank 6 you mention the wolf can not attack because it would be at 13 which I understand. However, you
  6. The example I was using I am just using rules straight from BRP core book. Not Aces High. Well i guess the stats from the wolf were from aces high but I just wanted to know how dex based combat works then how strike ranks work. I may have some specific questions about aces high I hope you don't mind me asking.
  7. Thank you MrJealousy for the feed back. I think I got the gist of the DEX method except for a couple questions. If the wolf is 15m away from john and moves 15m reducing its DEX to half and would begin its move on 16 can it attack on DEX 8? I have been reading mix ideas if a character can move 15m and attack in one round. And what is considered moving fast in reference to getting a penalty to being shot at. Thanks again
  8. I am hoping to run a campaign but feel lost when it comes to combat. Example using the above characters and DEX ranks. John declares he will shoot at the wolf. Bob declares he will shoot at the wolf The wolf declares he will charge/engage John The wolf would normal go on DEX 16 but because the wolf is going to move 15m the wolf will act at 1/2 his Dex so 8. So does the wolf move 15m on DEX 16 then get to act again on DEX 8 or does the wolf move on DEX 8 and does nothing else this round? Bob will shoot the wolf on DEX 15. A) If the wolf has not mov
  9. On page 200 it says "The only other limitation to the use of dodges and parries is the normal modifier for subsequent usage of either skill" I took that as a character would suffer the cumulative -30% So if using the Strike Ranked method and/or DEX Ranks we have 3 characters 15m away from each other. John has DEX 10 and Light Pistols 75% Bob has DEX 15 and Heavy Pistol 75% and a wolf that has Move 13 DEX 16 SR 2 Size SR 2 and bite 1d8, 65%, SR 3 John declares he will shoot at the wolf. Bob declares he will shoot at the wolf The wolf declare
  10. Thank a lot for the help. I think I understand how Combat works now. It seems with the DEX based combat characters will be able to attack with a ranged weapon less often then with Strike Rank method. With Strike Rank method characters who dodge/parry still suffer the -30% penalty for the 2nd dodge/parry and -60% penalty for the 3rd, etc. Making it easier to get hit with Strike Rank then it is with the DEX based combat.
  11. Thanks for the quick response. However, I am still a little confused. Example. John has DEX 10 and Light Pistols 75% Bob has Dex 15 Heavy pistol 75%. At the start of combat John announces he will shoot at bob. Bob announces he will run towards John then Shoot. Bob goes first because he has higher DEX and moves at half movement 15. Bob drops down to DEX 8 (1/2 of 15 rounded up). John acts next on DEX 10 and shoots Bob. Lets say bob is now in point blank range so Johns attack with his Light Pistol is easy however Bob moved so it would give him a -50% penalty. Would they cancel or
  12. Hello, I have read through the BRP Rule book and a couple of examples. One in the rule book where a thief runs away from combat and one in the quick rules where a few explores fight zombies. However, I still have a few questions about how combat works. Sorry if these have been asked and answered before but after spending a while searching I am still lost. An example would really help but I will list what I am confused about. Using the normal rules with dex ranks, how would a character move then attack and how would a character attack then move? Listed under how ranged a
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