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    I've got Aspergers,

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  1. Oh no those poor workers in the Fulfillment center, please tell me they aren't worked as hard for Amazon. LW
  2. How do I order through Chaosium is there any shipping and handling?. LW
  3. Hi folks I just got 7th Sea 2nd Core Book HC, But to get more of these 7th Sea HC books that my local dealer doesn't have I got to order online, But I'm Canadian and the prices plus shipping is killing me. LW
  4. I take in account of the Cthulhu Mythos stories as what happened in 1920's. LW
  5. Well I got Arkham Now source book as a PDF, but I need 21st Century timeframe update for the rest of Cthuthu Mythos. LW
  6. Hi folks I would like to officially create the 21th Century COC setting taking in account the official HP Lovecraft stories as history, like Shadow of Innsmouth and the USA Goverment responce too it. I want to write about Arkham city and the College that's part of the city. LW
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