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  1. Thanks. I have a few more questions about other aspects of the rules that I'll fire off tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, that was my take on it too.
  3. I purchased the pdf last night and it's pretty spiffy. As I read through a number of questions occur which I'll ask in order. First off is age; does a character gain +20 skill points per additional d6 years or does it only kick in at 5d6 years or greater? Also, which skills can they be applied to? I can't seem to find anything that says they're restricted to culture or occupation.
  4. Comments and suggestions welcome.
  5. The core book encourages us to warp the rules to our satisfaction, so I thought I'd throw out some stuff I've been mulling over, followed by explanations. My BRP pedigree is recent so I have few sacred cows. Characters Abilities: 3d6, treating 1's as 2's, arranged to taste. SIZ can be increased with improvement points. Rationale: A modest bump. I'm also not keen on 2d6 + 6 abilities, they seems more of a legacy mechanic than anything and aren't reflected by NPC stats presented. Plus, people can and do gain mass, something I'm continually reminded of as I grow older. Damage Bonus: Add Strength and Size. For every full ten points gain 1 point of damage bonus. Rationale: Faster, more brutal combats on the human scale. Larger creatures are less instantaneously lethal. Free skill points: Choose 12 skills and add 20 to each. Rationale: Speeds up character generation and encourages more rounded PCs. Connections add 5% to a non-combat skill. No skill may benefit twice from a connection. Rationale: Softens min/maxing tendencies further. Hero Points may be used to flip percentile results or reduce the damage of a successful attack to it's minumum rolled amount. Hero Points refresh per game day or per session, whichever comes first. Rationale: Ameliorates combat lethality on the players' side. Makes each point spent count. Combat Charge or Great Attack: +20% to hit, double damage bonus, lose reaction. Great attack is available to two-handed wielders only. Rationale: Changed to incorporate damage bonus changes, unified for simplicity.
  6. I'd enjoy seeing something set in the Jacobean era cos' that's when my campaign will be set. Geographically speaking, the Norfolk Broads would make for an intersting setting; as would Dartmoor. Anywhere desolate and forboding with a high strangeness quotient.
  7. I believe they did. I was hoping for a more specific date and/or preorder details.
  8. Any updates on when this will be available?
  9. Pretty much what's mentioned above. I particularly like the Quick Combat system -- very useful for large/ cinematic battles.
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